Aggravated Librarian

The other offer expired, and that was good. Well, it expires in like an hour, but they turned it down-they were too far apart. So they’ve already written a counter offer to ours and it was us paying full asking, drop the contingency on our house selling, and they’ll pay our closing costs. And we said that yes, we would think it over for the night but we would probably accept that because we feel like we’re very close to selling our house.

THEN their agent calls my agent back and says that no actually they can’t afford that offer, and they’ll need to ask us to pay 159000, drop our contingency and they’ll pay our closing. They have boxed themselves so much into a corner that they can’t even pay closing costs without raising the price back up. 159000 is what the house was priced at two weeks ago by the way, and there is a reason we didn’t look at it then, because we knew we didn’t want to pay that much.

And I KNOW that the difference is negligible, but there are three problems:

1. I don’t have an offer on my house, so I don’t have any cash reserves to pull from on my house. I only have our savings that get us through month to month with me not working full time and staying home with the baby, so obviously I can’t risk that by paying closing. We’re already taking a risk by dropping our contingency AND paying so much more for a house than we had planned.

2. They’re basically asking me to finance their mistakes, and I don’t want to. It puts a really bad taste in my mouth. We love the house but I don’t want to go into it feeling bitter about it.

3. If she is so strapped that they can’t even pay closing on the house then good lord, what’s going to happen when something comes up in inspection that has to be fixed for the bank to approve the loan?

So I told our realtor they could send that offer over but we had already decided that 157500+them paying closing+dropping the contingency would be our counter, and if they said no we would walk away. I’m really aggravated and….well, aggravated.


19 thoughts on “Aggravated Librarian

  1. I’d be worried about the possibility of something coming up during the inspection too, if $2k is going to break them. And just in general, I think that’s really unethical to ask for more than you were already asking.

    • I agree. I can’t believe she didn’t do the math on it before she dropped her price. I have a very firm number in my head of what I can take with paying buyers closing and realtors fees-doesn’t everyone do that?! We did express our strong concern about her being able to cover any situations that arise in the inspection and her realtor said she was prepared for that…..we’ll see. I will NOT be happy if we have to back out of the deal and be out the inspection money.

  2. If she has that kind of attitude towards it, she’s NEVER going to sell! If she can’t afford to sell it where she has it listed, the she might as well take it off the market. She’s just dumb. I hope her realtor can talk her into coming to her senses, not only for your sake but for her own as well!

  3. It is never just a simple “they accepted your offer, you’re a homeowner”. Damn you hgtv. I hope it all works out.

  4. How can you possibly ask for more than listing price??? She is crazy! Stick to your guns. Her realtor probably wants to whack her one too if it’s any consolation. Crossing fingers for you 🙂

  5. That’s crazy. You don’t get to change your mind after you drop your price. Sure it would be nice to get more than you list your house for but you have to be able to do basic math to know you can cover your end. It seems very bizarre. Either the lady is out of touch or she had a terrible realtor.

  6. The seller has no business raising the price again. I would be very nervous accepting this type of offer, especially since you don’t have a solid offer on your home yet. If things come up during inspections that will need to be fixed, etc. you don’t want her cutting corners. How does the other dream home compare?

  7. I liked in support, not the situation. So sorry hun, this is dreadful and completely unacceptable from her part. How can she raise her asking price? That is insane! Did she think she would get offered over asking? She’s been watching too much property brothers if she thought that.
    Like others and you have expressed. I would be a bit worried about things that need fixing. I hope you guys don’t get messed about anymore on this. So awful!

  8. Yikes, I’m sorry you’re stuck in this limbo. Ugh. I’ve never heard of someone countering with an offer above asking price unless there were multiple offers on the table or a bidding war. Definitely worrisome as well – makes one wonder what else could come up if the seller is as disorganized as she seems.

    Good luck with the situation, will keep fingers crossed for y’all.

  9. Fingers crossed you do not end up over extended. My takeaway (because I am not involved therefore it is easier for me) is that there ARE houses you will like. You found this one after you already had seen one you liked. SO, if you have to take that deep breath and adult more than anyone wants to, you will find a new home and you will enjoy it. Good wishes.

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