Real Estate is getting real.

On Thursday night we had a showing. And y’all, I did NOT expect anything from this one. I know it’s weird, but I drove by during the showing and thought “I can’t imagine those cars parked in this driveway. They just don’t fit.” It’s like they were too nice or something. So I instantly wrote it off, because that makes sense. We came home, I didn’t buy my realtor about feedback, and we ate dinner and got the baby ready for bed. Then as I’m nursing her My realtor texts and says that the folks loved the house and had questions.

This was within an hour of us coming home mind you. Still, I was skeptical at best. They had worries about mortar cracks in the brick in one or two places (which we have been told are no big deal but we haven’t actually had it inspected) and asked about appliances and which ones are staying (all of them if they want them). Then we heard they were considering making an offer the next day (today).

Today I was texted by my realtor and told that they want to see it again on Saturday morning, and they had more questions about age of appliances. Luckily nothing is older than four years old so hopefully that satisfied them. They were coming at 10:30 but then they moved it up to 9:00 am. I am still skeptical. I feel like they’ll find something wrong and not make an offer. We have all but resigned to rent it when the listing expires in November if we don’t have a buyer by then. And we’re fine with that. It’s like once I decided it wasn’t going to happen…it might actually happen. They’re very anxious to see it again tomorrow.

In the meantime we had already scheduled a bunch of showings this afternoon on houses for us. We had six scheduled and one got canceled by the owner. We saw five houses and one stood out so much that none could compare. It’s so lovely. It freaks me out because similarly to the last one, the price has been lowered a lot and it just came into our price range. It also is the EXACT price of the house from last weekend. I’m afraid that they’re going to already have an offer, we’re putting ours in tonight. We’re offering $1900 under asking and asking them to pay closing. We feel like it’s more than reasonable. We expect them to come back at full price and we’re okay with that, but my realtor wanted negotiating room.

Fingers crossed for us. It would be pretty nuts for everything to come together on the same weekend like this.


2 thoughts on “Real Estate is getting real.

  1. I hope it all works out! Buying/ selling is so unpredictable and frustrating! It would be great if everything came together fore guys this weekend! Fingers crossed!

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