Potential buyers cancelled three minutes before the showing this morning. Their realtor was already here after getting a sitter for her dog who just got out of intensive care. My mom had already loaded up my dogs, in the car, IN THE RAIN. Same with me and the baby.

We were given no explanation. All the realtors are pissed as hell. So am I. The folks just texted their realtor- can’t make it. They won’t answer her calls.

You know why? Because this morning I woke up hopeful. Stupid.


4 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. People suck! That is so rude! Seriously! If they can’t even have the manners to do the right thing from the outset they probably would have been problem buyers anyways!
    I get that emergencies happen and what not, but then they should have let someone know about it. If they purchased something else through another realtor then just be honest rather than stuffing everyone about. Sorry you had this experience 😦

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