After a few counter offers back and forth, we finally got approved to buy THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HOUSE IN THE WORLD.

Exhibit A:


The picture seriously does not do it justice. The realtor who took it was terrible and it’s rained every day since we were accepted, so I haven’t been able to get a better one. But anyway. We love it so much. It’s totally move in ready though probably I’ll rip up the carpet in C’s room and my sewing room before we move in, because why wait until there is already furniture down? A few walls need to be painted, but it has beautiful hardwoods all downstairs and beautiful carpet upstairs (I just don’t want carpet in a babies room because MESS and the sewing room because PINS).

We do need to put up the other half of a privacy fence in the backyard before our dogs can live there, but it’s not very much.

And the good news is that our house hasn’t sold yet. Yes that’s right, I said good news. We actually decided we wouldn’t mind there being a bit of a gap between closings because we can stay in our current house while doing what we need to do to this one to move in. That way we’re not having to paint around boxes and take the dogs out on leashes while the fence is being constructed.

As of right now we’re closing on September 30th, though we all know that could change.

We’re getting lots of views and saves on our listing, so we’re hopeful for something soon, but we talked to an investor and he said that he buys a lot in our area because of rentals around the base. We know we wouldn’t get as much, but actually when you subtract what we would pay in another person’s closing plus realtor fees, it wouldn’t be much less than what we would make now.

So that’s where we are. Pray for an easy financing please!


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