Bullet Points

I’m not even going to apologize. There’s stuff going on. And bullet points are easy to read. You’re welcome.

  • I guess everything is still okay with the purchase of the new house. The inspection revealed virtually nothing except that the front porch needs a railing. It’s a very small porch, more like a stoop, but we know the appraiser will not okay the purchase if it’s not done because it’s about 30 inches high (or maybe it’s 36-either way). It’s all we’ve asked for but we asked for it on Thursday and still haven’t heard anything back. If they’re backing out of the deal I kind of need to know so we can try to cancel the appraisal that I’ve already paid $500 for….
  • We had a showing tonight and have one scheduled for tomorrow morning. Every time I think we’re out something like this happens. But I doubt anything is going to come of it. I just don’t want to hope. We’ve decided if it’s not sold when we move we’ll pull it from the market, ask investors, and if they don’t bite/give a good enough offer we’ll rent it ourselves
  • Ugh. Our current closing date is a week before my dad’s wedding which really…..fucks things up honestly. We need that week to get a fence put up in the backyard and just do a few things-paint a few rooms, pull up a bit of carpet, etc, before we move in, but that would put us moving the weekend of his wedding which he would not be okay with. So I’m trying to get closing moved up but that’s not easy and may not be possible.
  • I’m spotting and based on my lower back I expect to start fully soon. It’s CD 37. That’s an almost respectable cycle length. What’s up with that?
  • I’m feeling concerned about my health in general. These last few weeks I have been fatigued, constantly hungry, and anxious beyond belief. I’m not pregnant. I checked twice within the last week, so that’s definitely out. But I’ll eat and then two hours later be starving. Also I’m so anxious about stuff that I can’t sleep, which is probably leading to the fatigue, except that Chief is now home during the day because his shift changed so I get to sleep in every morning (don’t hate me) and he gets up with the babe. Even the other day I let him sleep in and when he got up I went back to bed UNTIL NOON and still took a nap that afternoon. I don’t know if I’m just finally getting caught up or if I should be more worried.
  • Chief’s parent’s are coming this weekend for a visit before they move VERY FAR AWAY. I mean unfortunately I have to get through this weekend first, but then it will not be easy for them to visit. NOT EASY AT ALL. But…..this weekend. First, this weekend. Yuck.
  • I’m thinking of starting my own flea market booth. We’re looking at all this stuff that we want to sell in a yard sale and like 75% of it is vintage stuff we’ve bought at flea markets already that we would get much better value at a flea market. I need to shop around for booth rental prices though to find out if it will be worth it. It basically would be an awesome gig for me though because I would get to shop and restore, two of my favorite things. And Chief could get into it too. It would be a fun source of extra income.

3 thoughts on “Bullet Points

  1. I can’t imagine they would back out of the house deal over a railing…that they will HAVE TO do no matter who they sell to at this point. Once they find stuff like that, it’s just something that needs to be done. I hope everything works out with the closing and wedding business. Moving is so stressful, I know you’ll be thankful when it’s all over!! Maybe take the time to see your Dr about all your health stuff? Stress can do crazy things to you, so it’s possible that it’s just from that. Good luck getting through this weekend!!

  2. I hope you are able to get the closing date move up a bit! I’ve been doing that hungry thing for the last few weeks. Every hour and a half to two hours I would just feel like I was starving! I’ve been doing better the last couple of days, but it’s still hard. Do you drink lots of water? I was reading the other day a blog post about 6 tips for doing Whole 30 and it said that if you feel like your starving and you actually want a meal, then you’re probably hungry, but if you just want snacky stuff, then it’s a craving. I thought that was interesting.

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