Maybe I Don’t Hate You as Much as I Thought….

This week out of seemingly nowhere we had two showings on the house. We had one Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Our house was somewhat of a disaster when we got the request Tuesday afternoon. Chief and I flew into a fury getting it cleaned-he even wore Charlie in one of my carriers which is A RARE OCCURRENCE.

Unfortunately Chief had to go to work on his new schedule of 4:00 pm-12:00 am, and the showing was at 5:30. So I was left to keep the house clean with a toddler and also get the pets put up. Luckily my step-dad came to help me with the dogs.

So anyway, the people show up just a few minutes after we left. I always stalk the house like a stalky-stalker so I can make assumptions and psych myself out, though mostly so that I can see when I can go back in, because what I’ve discovered about other people’s realtors is that THEY ARE THE WORST about letting us know when they are done. Seriously, the one Wednesday morning let my realtor know THIRTY MINUTES after they had left. In fact he let her know AFTER the appointment time was over anyway. Stupid. But I digress.

So I stalked the house and they stayed inside for about 20 minutes during the Tuesday night showing. A decent amount of time, but really I have resigned myself to renting it. I just don’t feel like it’s going to sell for some reason. Perhaps that reason is that we’re now sitting at 95 days on the market.

So they leave and I come back in and feed the baby oatmeal with berries for dinner and laze about. The next morning luckily Chief is there so he’s able to help with that showing. It happens fairly normally too, though there was a lot of coming and going. we think the realtor didn’t realize he was supposed to pick up the guy who was looking, so he left and came back at first.

After it’s all said and done I talked to our realtor and she said that the Wednesday guy was doing “some thinking” about it. I asked her if she had heard anything from the Tuesday people and she sent me a picture of a form the realtor filled out that said they thought the exterior was only fair, the house was overpriced, and the windows would all have to be replaced, and yet the house was their second choice of what they had seen and they “might” put an offer in.

FIRST of all, I realize the backyard is still slightly rough, but we have a sign notating the work that’s being done and the front yard of my house is beautiful. I’m not sugarcoating-we’ve done a ton of work to make the front gorgeous. And we have the awesome patio area that my dad helped us build. So a “fair” exterior felt pretty insulting. That’s only one rating up from “poor” on the form.

SECOND of all, overpriced my ass. It’s 2000 sq ft for 114900 in an area where that typically runs at least 135000. If you check the price per sq ft of us against the rest of our area we’re under by a decent amount, like $6.00 a sq ft. And the bonus room downstairs doesn’t count because it’s not hooked up to the HVAC, so it’s really a 2300 sq ft house. A house a few hundred sq ft smaller than ours and not as updated sold for 125K six weeks ago, and it’s only two blocks away AND closer to the main, busy road. So don’t tell me my house is overpriced.

AND FINALLY, just because windows are older doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with them. We have never had any problems with our windows. They seal very well, I don’t feel air coming in around them-they’re fine. Unless an inspector says there is a legit problem with them, I’m not replacing them. It would cost thousands and eat up all our profits.

I was pretty mad and my realtor basically said that their realtor is an idiot and regarded as such in the real estate community we’re in. She said that she was probably feeding her buyers bad information about the value of the area because she wants them to buy a more expensive house to up her commission, which is SO. FUCKING. WRONG. These folks are first time buyers so they’re probably really relying on an honest realtor. At the same time, if THEY’RE the ones who said that my exterior was just “fair” then I don’t even WANT them to buy my house. I actually kind of mean that, but more because of the windows thing. I’m afraid they’ll ask for all new windows, and if they were offering 125k we would do that, but at 114900 I’m just not willing. Again, we can rent it and make a really good amount. I already feel like they would be unreasonable and difficult and I’m just not sure it’s worth the headache.

All of this vitriol and rage made me realize that as much as I’ve compared my house to a prison of my in-law’s design, that maybe I’m slightly more affectionate towards it then I had previously realized. I may not want to live here anymore, but I don’t want crappy people living here either.


One thought on “Maybe I Don’t Hate You as Much as I Thought….

  1. I am super jealous of your housing prices. Where I am a 3 br fixer upper starts at 300k.

    It sounds like renting the place is becoming more and more attractive to you 🙂

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