Last Night, Updated

A lot of things have gotten better, only a few have gotten worse, and some have stayed the same:

1.  Charlie had a bang up good day. I gave her motrin before nap number one today but she did fine without it all day, and then we did it before bed tonight. I still can’t get the hang of giving it to her without Chief around so she probably once again only got about half. Her technique to spit it out is to blow sad sobbing raspberries until it just flows out of her mouth. Sigh.

2. Unfortunately, Chief and I now have the cold. One of us is handling it more stoically than the other….

3. The sellers agreed to the freaking railing. I don’t have the agreement in writing yet, but I’m told it’s coming.

4. Unfortunately #2, the house is quite messy again. Seriously. In one day. I cleaned it up last night and it’s a wreck. Charlie’s room looks like a bomb went off. Normally I wouldn’t care but dude, we’re unsuccessfully trying to sell it so we have to at least try to keep it clean for showings.We’re about to start having to pack up which just makes me want to pull it from the market. It’s never going to be show ready again until we move out, and at that point I’m ready to do something else with it. Either unload it to an investor or rent it. I’m so tempted just to yank it from the market now.

5. I went to visit my pawpaw’s grave today which brought me a bit of comfort. Today he would have been 91. I had dinner with the Captain (which also brings me comfort) and we both agreed that it’s kind of good that he died right before his birthday. It keeps all the tough anniversaries together. I took a picture of Charlie playing with the flowers that my Aunt had left before, and she dropped a few cheerios onto the ground which I know he would have loved, because the man loved to eat. His only problem would have been that we left them there instead of picking them up so they wouldn’t be wasted.


Things still feel fragile. We’re about to head into underwriting which is the murkiest, scariest part of buying a house in my opinion. And I probably wont truly feel secure until we know what’s going to happen with House #1. And of course we would all feel better if we, well, felt better, but hopefully that’s coming soon.

Thanks to all of you who talked me off the cliff last night and today. Yesterday was superior in it’s crappiness. Today has been better. A lot of that is thanks to you.


3 thoughts on “Last Night, Updated

  1. Charlie got so big!!! Last picture I remember of her was of her sitting on the floor playing with your bra 🙂

    She’s a little lady now. Good luck with the house. I hope everything goes smoothly.

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