Root Canal

Anyone ever have to get a root canal AFTER getting a crown? Me. I am. Tomorrow.

That crown that I got back when I was pregnant almost two years ago has never felt right, and while it doesn’t feel like it’s getting worse, my dentist and I agree that we don’t want it to get to the point of infection and abcess, so a root canal is on my plate for the morning. The tooth hurts moderately if I bite down on it and hurts more significantly if cold comes into contact with it. It does not hurt just sitting there in my mouth, so I’m hoping that whatever we’re dealing with isn’t going to be bad (aka, require more than one visit).

I’m going to allegedly one of the best endodontists in the country tomorrow and it’s supposed to be totally pain free and done in an hour and a half, then a week later I’ll go and my dentist will “restore” the tooth (this better be a filling and not another crown because my insurance won’t pay for a second crown on this tooth for another three years).

I. Am. Terrified. I was just beginning to get over my dental phobias because my dentist is literally the nicest man in the world and never lets me feel any pain. He says that the endodontist is also the nicest man in the world and will not let me feel any pain, but you know, you grow up hearing how awful root canals are, so I’m pretty anxious about it.

Reassuring stories? Please?


21 thoughts on “Root Canal

  1. Ive had 4 root canals. 3 by an endontist and 1 by a regular dentist. I will never let a regular dentist ever again in my life do a root canal, but an endontist is awesome and basically no big deal. I’m confident that you’ll be fine since you are seeing the best!

  2. I don’t have a reassuring story, but I may find myself in the same-ish boat soon. I have 2 old fillings that need to be drilled out after the baby is born and redone. The one on my left lower side has been painful to temperature change, though thankfully using Sensodyne toothpaste has helped. Either way, they were concerned when I went 6 months ago at my cleaning that it could get infected. I go Wednesday for my next cleaning, and hope it doesn’t look worse. I didn’t want to do anything while pregnant because I was paranoid, so hopefully waiting hasn’t bothered it any. I wish you luck on your root canal though! I’m sure there are plenty of good pain meds and numbing agents they can use so you don’t feel anything, or next to nothing. Just remember, in the end it will feel better!!

      • Yeah when I went for my cleaning last time, it was 5 days after my FET. They said they could do it then, but I was so nervous about anything that may go wrong I told them I’d wait until after the baby was born, if we got that far. It actually doesn’t bother me as much anymore, it’s been bugging me on and off for about 4-5 years and every other dentist said “We can’t find anything wrong with it”. I’ll do it after she gets here, when she’s big enough to stay with dad for a couple hours without my boobs exploding lol!

  3. Honestly I hate the dentist. I have to take Valium to go and I still cry and fight a panic attack the entire time I’m in the chair. I even had a panic attack after a cleaning last year bc they told me I had cavities then left me alone to wait for the dentist. And the one root canal I have had was the best most calming procedure of my life. Honestly I was having daily migraines for months due to a crown and finally I agreed to get one and it was the best decision I ever made. It wasn’t scary or upsetting to me at all. It was some kind of dental miracle.

  4. I had one when Peyton was 2 months old, it was awful. The same tooth started hurting a year later, but it doesn’t have a root, how does it hurt? A week later I had an absess I couldn’t ignore. Turns out the first dentist missed half my root. Huge infection & bone loss. Went to an endodontist and it wasn’t bad considering how bad the infection was -and it took 6 visits. SIX. The worst part was xrays (and the cost). I think seeing someone that solely focuses on that type of care makes a huge difference. Good luck!

    • Ohhhh godddddd nooooooo. Hopefully that will NOT be my experience. It’s not even infected that we can tell. This is purely preventative as far as I’ve been told. But yeah, it’s going to be in the ball park of $600 and then whatever it costs to get it filled. That’s after paying $500 for this crown he’s about to put a hole in. UUGGGGH

  5. I don’t have a root canal story but I am mega afraid of the dentist. I used to leave it years between visits because of it which of course made it worse. Now I have the kindest loveliest dentist and while it isn’t like I don’t feel a thing for a clean it is greatly improved by his gentleness and patience. The thing I did to get me through which worked is visualisation. I’m not great success meditator so I was sceptical but it reaaaaaally does help. I just send my mind off imagining nice things and it means I am not centred on what is happening in my mouth. Try it if you are nervous! Previously I have needed Valium or a general anaesthetic for a clean so I was pretty bad. Good luck! X

  6. It OUGHT to NOT HURT. If it hurts they can fix the pain. Processes vary depending on exactly what is wrong but with no infection present it ought to be straight forward and the biggest problem ought to be just having your mouth open while they work. Good wishes!
    PS: Report back please on your experience.

  7. Honestly, I had 2 root canals and they were both fine. I was in crazy pain before the root canal (2nd time the tooth was crazy infected- I needed 3 rounds of antibiotics) and it was such a relief to have the pain stop.

    The first root canal was done by an endo and it was great. I had slight discomfort afterwards and really felt fine (I was like 11 so my memory may be fuzzy…). Second root canal was a year ago. I was in crazy pain for 3 days. At first I thought it was wisdom teeth and then I saw a bubble on my gum. I spoke with my dentist who diagnosed me as possibly needing a root canal over the phone. I saw him the next day (office closed, he came in special for me) and he drained the infection (he gave me anesthesia and it hurt so much I was crying silently in the chair. My dentist felt so bad. He drained the infection and put me on antibiotics. I needed 3 rounds for it to be complete. He did a good job on the root canal. I still have phantom feelings in that tooth. Weirdly enough that tooth never had a cavity. My dentist said it must have been hit or something b/c it was VERY badly infected.

  8. I had my first root canal done a couple months ago. It took I think a little more than 2 hours because it was on a molar! I didn’t feel any pain. My mouth was pretty numb but it’s just weird keeping it open for that long. Good luck!

  9. I’ve had 3 root canals and I have 6 crowns (damn genetics/well water with no fluoride …) My most recent root canal was on a tooth that had already been crowned. You’ve had all the root canal advice you need (mine have all been annoying and long but not painful – 2 done by a dentist and 1 by an endo – most uncomfortable part is the crown fitting), but I wanted to chime in about having it done on a crowned tooth! They drilled through my crown and then just used regular composite to seal, so that I didn’t need another crown. I’m sure you’re already in the chair but I hope that it all goes well and don’t worry too much!

  10. Me!! They had to drill through my crown. I had it done when I was nearly 30wks preg! I had it done by an endodontist and he was AMAZING!! I did not feel a thing!

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