All clear

Everything went pretty well. There was a slight mistake. When he was sticking the stuff in that fills the roots back in he went a little too far. He said the only way to get it out was surgically but it shouldn’t be necessary because it shouldn’t cause a problem. He said there was little to no infection and no cracking under the crown which gives the tooth a good prognosis. It was unnerving-all the stuff that was happening, but not at all painful.

Currently I’m almost completely unnumb and I just have some soreness in the gums where the clamp was. He said it would be sensitive to bite down for about a week but it should get better every day. The best news? I had a milkshake for lunch with ZERO pain. I feel kind of puny in general but I think it’s just from being almost upside down for an hour.

Thanks for the reassuring stories! It really was just no big deal. Other than the $650 they took from me before I left….


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