Sometimes this job is just so damn hard

This post talks about vomit. If you’re not up for that stop reading. I say this because I love you.

Tuesdays and Thursdays Chief is at school from 10-3 and then work from 3:30-midnight. It’s a damn long day for all of us.
Today I couldn’t stand just being in the house anymore so Charlie and I went out and walked around a store and then drove by the new house and our new neighborhood before heading home. When we got home she played like she normally does. We have a perimeter of Charlie safe areas. It’s from the foyer through the living room. We close the hallway door and block off the dining room and kitchen. Usually I prefer for her to play in the living room area since I can’t always see the foyer depending on what I’m doing, but if she’s just over there for a few minutes I don’t worry because there’s nothing for her to hurt herself on.

Today I noticed she was hanging around over there a lot and I heard her start to cough and make vomiting sounds. I ran over and saw her on the floor with vomit down her dress (that I made her) holding one of the refills to an off clip on fan-the ones that keep bugs away (seriously I have NO IDEA where it came from). i instantly grabbed it from her-it wasn’t wet like it had been in her mouth but I didn’t want to take any chances. After getting her dress off of her I called poison control. The very nice man looked it up and said the ingredient in those would only be toxic in large quantities, and that if she ingested any from this device it wouldn’t do any more than irritate her stomach for the day. We both kind of figured that she may have tasted it once and it tasted so bad that it made her gag and that’s how the vomiting happened.

So we went about the rest of our afternoon. She vomited one more tiny time but seemed to be in good spirits. I put her in her high chair and made oatmeal for her and she proceeded to vomit ALL OVER THE TRAY. Like she filled the thing up. Sorry, that’s gross I know, but I speak the truth. So either her stomach is irritated or she has a virus. I guess only time will tell.

Vomit is gross. It smells so bad. I contend that it is worse than cleaning up poop, pee, blood-any of that. And after you’ve cleaned it up the smell lingers. Charlie got two baths-one before I let her eat the oatmeal and one right after. She ate very little and I didn’t push her. She did drink water so that was good, and she nursed normally. Now I’m watching the monitor like a mad woman and staring at it any time she coughs for fear that she’s throwing up. She’s coughed a few times but hasn’t actually woken up so I’m hoping we can make it through the night vomit free.

She just got over that nasty cold from last week that I had to handle by myself without Chief here. I would like a break now please. I’m so tired tonight, and I don’t want to eat because the smell of vomit is everywhere even though I’ve cleaned it up, but I’m starving anyway, and I’m supposed to go to the firm tomorrow since I couldn’t go Monday because of the root canal, which oh by the way my tooth is super sore today. And my house is a disaster because we’ve taken it off the market so we can pack up in peace.

I. Just. Need. To. Catch. A. Break.


8 thoughts on “Sometimes this job is just so damn hard

  1. Oh no!! I hope whatever has her belly upset has worked itself out and all this vomit is over with. Hope you’re able to get some sleep tonight, and everyone is feeling better tomorrow!

  2. Speaking as someone who was pooped on today as I was rushing out the door late for work… I FEEL YOU. Just keep reminding yourself that this moment does not last forever. Your break is coming soon, and when it does you will cherish every single glorious second. #serenitynow

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