I didn’t so much catch a break

As get hurled something to break me. Yeah, Charlie had a stomach virus. I figured it out when I woke up at midnight to hurl myself into our bathroom, realized Chief wasn’t in bed, and figured out that he was in the front bathroom. Tips and tails for me all night. Mostly just tails for him (poor guy got all of his vomiting out at work). Luckily Charlie slept through the night and didn’t throw up or have any diarrhea after those three vomit episodes before I put her in bed (anyone who wants to criticize me for extended breastfeeding can shove it-I’m convinced it made a big difference).

The next morning Chief felt basically back to normal…I did not. My body hurt from my back down to my ankles. It hurt a lot. Nothing was touching the pain. I finally dug out some percoc.et from my endometriosis surgery three years ago and prayed the potency was still there. It made a difference in my pain level, but didn’t touch my high fever. I seemed to have gotten lucky to get one virus after another. Two viruses for the price of one.

Chief stayed home from work last night thank goodness-I could not have taken care of the baby by myself. I could barely pick her up. Today is significantly better. I’m still….woozy? That’s the best word I can think of. I have ZERO appetite. Yesterday the only thing I ate was a smoothie. Today I had most of two scrambled eggs and let the cat finish the rest because I felt if I did they would make me sick. Then tonight I tried to drink a carnation instant breakfast and got about halfway through. I can count on one hand the amount of times in my life I haven’t had a voracious appetite, so this is weird for me. Chief is even coming home from work for a few minutes to bring me fast food he hopes will entice me into eating. We’ll see.

In good news, our loan for the new house is done. We set closing for next Friday which is almost a month earlier than planned, but that’s fine-it gives lots of time to get everything done before we move in.

Just a quick update. Time to get this baby in bed. Toodles.


4 thoughts on “I didn’t so much catch a break

  1. Glad you’re feeling better and that the loan went through early. I really, truly hope that you’re done with all illness in your family for many months!!

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