A Story to Make you mad

Wanna be mad with me?

If not, seriously don’t read this. If you’re not in that place-just don’t. This is about a selfish fertile, and I’m not going to be kind.

Do you guys remember this?

Read that before you read on. This is a story about the My-Uterus-Isn’t-Broken-Girl.

She has a name that begins with A, that I will shield from the internet because I’m nice, so let’s pretend it’s Annie. I call her Bitch-Face-Annie in my head. Henceforth referred to as BFA.


Probably about halfway through my pregnancy she announced that she was pregnant with her third because FERTILES, amiright? At the time this annoyed me because I don’t like her, but I didn’t feel anymore rage towards her than I do towards anyone else I don’t like with a well functioning reproductive system. Then stuff started to come out-her husband was unemployed when they were trying to get pregnant. That’s not entirely damning. That happens to good people all the time. They lose their jobs-they find new ones. Okay. THEN the big shit hits the fan-her husband is a drug addict. Not pot-like big stuff. Has multiple drug convictions that she knew about and was actively using and could no longer keep a job. They had no money to pay their rent. SHE KNEW ALL OF THIS WHILE TRYING TO GET PREGNANT WITH A THIRD CHILD WITH HIM.

Look, as a mother, I really really try not to judge other mothers. However, when you are doing something that is endangering your child, I’m going to judge you. And having a third child you cannot afford because your husband is a drug addict who cannot hold down a job, AND has gotten you evicted from your house, AND you’re getting sued for over 10K from the rental company (not rumor-all public records)? I’m going to judge you for that. How terribly, terribly sad for your children. Seriously I was so bothered when I found it all out I couldn’t sleep that night.

So anyway, they’re getting evicted, she’s pregnant, they needed a place to go. This was, again, last year sometime. My friend S’s family owns a bunch of rentals and BFA begged S’s brother to rent something to them. They had nothing she could afford but because of the history they took pity on her and lowered the rent on something down to her price range and ignored allllll of the bad stuff that was screaming DO NOT RENT to this person.

I guess it was going okay for a while. The dad has never found work and is strung out as all hell, but she was working at night as a secretary for the hospital. i would imagine they were also on public assistance, so they were getting by, and I don’t judge people for using public assistance. NO. That’s not what this is about. What this is about is that at some point things started to catch up and they could no longer scrape by and get the rent together. They managed until my friend S’s brother went overseas to Iraq. At that point his dad started managing all the properties on his own, and guess what? They stopped paying. Three months of rent totaling over 2K. The family was pretty nice to them about it-said they could work it out, they could let it slide, just as long as they started paying again.

Well, S’s dad went over to the property the other day and they had abandoned it. They won’t answer calls, messages, emails, texts. And apparently they had been planning this for a while because BFA had set up a filter on fb that hides all of her posts for S for the last month or so.

Here’s where I’m at with this. I have so much sympathy for people, even people I don’t like….to a point. To a goddamn point. She had so. many. opportunities to do better. To try to make things right. To not screw over someone who has been a lifelong friend to her-a family that was doing her a MASSIVE favor. And her poor damn kids. On FB she’s all obsessed with how she’s homeschooling her oldest daughter and that’s fine, but I’m also like…..maybe you should worry more about your housing situation? They also had a gofundme going a while back to help them pay their rent that people contributed a chunk of money to…yeah, S’s family never saw any of that. Not one dime. And poor S’s brother is having to deal with all of this while leading a group in Iraq. Just none of it is okay. At all, even a little bit. The dad doesn’t know how to properly evict and pursue this issue (which is really more the fault of the brother for not preparing him before he left, but PROBABLY he didn’t expect to need to do that). I could rant about this forever, but suffice it to say, how come people like that can have all the children they want?!

I actually had two stories, but then second one is just two exhausting to tell after this one. Maybe later. Gnash your teeth on this one first.


18 thoughts on “A Story to Make you mad

  1. Ugh…the first post made me mad enough. I wasn’t blogging back then so I never saw that before. Made me want to slap that girl for you. And now this…WHAT is wrong with people!?!? I feel bad for her kids, and her and her husband just need to rot. There’s no reason for them to act like this, especially when children are involved. I would say more, but I’m tired and it would probably just be a jumble of nonsense…but ugh!!

  2. She has no business getting pregnant with a man who can’t be a decent father. I won’t even get to the fact that she knew she was going to be evicted. UGH.

    It’s like being pregnant is the only thing she’s good at so she keeps doing it.

  3. These are things I will never understand. She sounds very selfish and irresponsible is an understatement. My heart hurts for those kids. They don’t deserve the situation they’ve being brought into. I hate society some days. 😦

  4. Ugh!!! I remember that blog post…although I can’t believe I didn’t comment on it back then. Must have been when I was still hiding in the shadows. That woman is a piece of work. I feel so bad for her children and for S’s family. 😦

  5. Holy sh*t! That is so seriously bad! My heart hurts for those poor babies! I can’t even… just. Wow!
    I had to go back and read the other post, I just completely applaud you for rising above that disgustingness (yes I know it’s not a word LOL). I do wonder whether she is one of these people whose existence IRL is so crappy that they decide to break down others to try and make them as miserable as they are whilst pretending they are awesome and above it all. I literally work with a woman like that.
    So. Mad.

    • Oh she is totally one of those people. Always has been. She is so desperate for a picture perfect appearance. She pays for these expensive family photo shoots that they obviously can’t afford so she can put up these perfect moments every few months.

      • That photo thing seems to be a trend with people who don’t really have enough money to be doing it. It is a HUGE thing done in Australia by people on welfare. Don’t get me wrong if you need monetary help by all means use it, but instead of paying $2500 for a photo shoot (yes I actually know people who have done this more than once a year) maybe buy a camera ONCE and take your own? Just don’t understand that kind of thinking at all.

      • No me neither. And I’m not against folks treating themselves occasionally because life is so hard if you don’t, but if you owe over 10k in back rent to one landlord and 2k to another then….yeah you need to get your house in order first.

      • To be honest my house is in pretty good order. We are finally starting to recover all the finances we lost from moving to a new house and all which is great. But even when I was pretty flush with money and had awesome savings I never would have spent that much on a photo shoot. Even our wedding photographer didn’t cost that LOL.

      • Yeah they are pretty expensive here too, my wedding was $1,800 and that is pretty much the cheapest we found that we felt was really good too. Many of the independent photographers here have moved to “for $X you get a 2 hour photo shoot, all photos provided on a USB” and then they make the shoot costs cheaper. Then you can either print through them or get them printed someone else like Kmart or an online service for much cheaper. Some great deals out there if you know where to look.

      • That’s what we did. I emailed the girl who did ours and said I just wanted her to shoot all day and edit some of the photos and give us the digital a with a photo release. She was great-we’ve used her a ton since but she just moved away 😦

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