No Man is an Island

Except maybe me?

My whole state is celebrating over a couple of things that I guess I should care about and just don’t. And I have to keep my mouth shut about how I’m sick of all the ridiculous celebrating because otherwise I’ll get lectured on not having enough *insert my state* pride BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Anywhoodle. That’s not really the point of this post, but at least it gave me a more creative title than I’ve been using lately

The concert. was. AMAZING. Seriously so, so, so good. The opening act-the main act. Just amazing. I hadn’t seen these people in over ten years and I have REALLY missed them. I had such a good time too! My cousin and I danced and sang along and it was just nice to have a night to feel free. When we first sat down and the opener started to play the first thought that went through my head was “Oh my god we have to get Charlie out of here-this is too loud!” and then I remembered that Charlie was at home in bed. My cousin said “It’s probably good that we got you out” when I told her….

Saturday we woke up ready to work. My mom and stepdad were coming to help us move some stuff to the new house and that afternoon my Aunt was coming over to paint. Well, first wrench in the plan was that my mom got the stomach virus that we had last week. I was still a little nervous about my stepdad coming because I did NOT want to get this bug again on the chance that it had mutated into a new form. Luckily we seem to be in the clear (though, poor guy, he did end up getting it).

So we made do without my mom and my Aunt got a ton of stuff painted and we got a bunch of our bigger furniture moved. There is still probably 60% of our stuff in this house but we still have two weeks to meet our goal.

Sunday was just a work day. Chief went over to start digging postholes for the fence in the backyard and we all met for lunch. Chief was having a hard time getting through some hard ground with rocks, so he asked me to go to Home Dep.ot and rent an auger. The closest HD that does rentals takes about 30 minutes to get to from our house and on the way back from HD I had to grab something from my cousin’s house, so Charlie was stuck in the car a lot this weekend and just not loving it. But at any rate I got the auger to Chief and went up to check on my aunt who was still painting. In about ten minutes Chief came hopping inside on one foot. The other one was swelling and turning blue because on the first hole he had lost control of the auger and it had slammed onto his foot that was not in steel toed boots like normal, but just regular tennis shoes.

So five minutes later we were in the car on the way to the ER with strong suspicions of a broken foot. We get there and the waiting room is really full, but they take his vitals pretty quickly and then about 15 minutes later take him for xrays and bring him right back. Now we’re waiting to see a doctor. It takes about an hour to get into a room. At this point I’ve asked the Captain to come and take Charlie home because she was melting down and by the time she got there she was sobbing and had been for about ten minutes and nothing I did was fixing it. I knew she was hungry and thirsty and tired and I just had nothing to fix that with me because I was not prepared for this to happen.

The captain came and got the kiddo and took her home for snacks and sesame street. This was quite a gift to us because we have so many cats and the Captain hates cats, also my house was a freaking disaster (still is) and the Captain had been feeling poorly for a few days. It’s really amazing to have good friends guys. I’m so grateful.

After about another hour or so the doctor comes in (after various people to get our money) and says that THANK GOD it’s not broken. But he did really crush the soft tissues of his foot and that is going to take some healing time. He sent us home with strict instructions of rest, high elevation, tylenol only (no drugs like ibuprofen which could thin the blood and make the bleeding in the bruise worse) and ice for 15 minutes out of every waking hour. We’re also on the slight look out for compartment syndrome but based on how much better it’s feeling today I don’t think that’s going to be an issue.

I’m happy to report that it is A LOT better today. I made him rest all morning but we did run some errands this afternoon. When he took his boot (work boots, not like a medical boot) off the bruise had finally popped up and it is a doozy, but we knew that was coming. The doctor said his work boot will actually sort of act like a compression bandage and support the foot really well while it heals. He should be back in fighting shape by this weekend, and while we’re losing moving time during the week, I’m just grateful that his foot isn’t broken. We just bought a two story house for one thing, but for another there is nothing I hate more than Chief or Charlie feeling bad. It makes me feel so helpless.

At the end of all of this I was pretty damn exhausted-even more so than Chief (though he did get a nap at the hospital once they put us in the room) and I think I passed out a full hour before him last night. It’s pretty rare for me to fall asleep easily, even when I’m exhausted. I think the relief was that strong.

So….not our best weekend, but it also could have been a hell of a lot worse.


5 thoughts on “No Man is an Island

  1. Liked in support. SO GLAD it wasn’t broken. I fractured the bottom of my leg and my ankle in two places whilst moving house. I fell out the back of the truck on the first load 😦 Moving is SO dangerous for your health… and sanity πŸ™‚

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