You take the good you take the bad…

Like most days, it’s been a good and bad one, but I’ll say more good. Let’s get the bad out of the way.

We had it scheduled to get the piano moved from my dad’s house to my house. I have a grand piano that my parents gifted me. It’s the one we grew up playing and my sister didn’t stay committed to the art like I did, so they told me that when I had a house for it it was mine.

Well, I finally do! And it was scheduled to get moved at 10:00 am. I booked it last Tuesday and I immediately texted my dad when I got off the phone. So we’re waiting at 10:00 at the new house and my dad texted around 10:20 that the movers never showed up. I called them and politely asked what was going on and they pretty rudely said that I was scheduled for 1:00. I said that I had been told 10:00 and he said “Well I’m the one you spoke to and I NEVER would have told you 10:00. I know I didn’t.”

I instantly went from polite to aggravated, and I did not attempt to hide it, because I am certainly not without fault, but I also seriously doubt he is. As far as customer service goes, I’ve done a lot of it and I know that even if I truly believe the other person is wrong, the more effective response would have been “Oh dear, it seems like there has been a mixup. We’ve got you down for 1:00 though, would that be okay?” To which I would have replied that yes, it would be fine. No problem. Because it would have been. I could have been wrong, but I also think that he could have been. He probably said “one” and I heard “ten”,  or my brain just screwed it up, but my point is, don’t INSIST that I’m the only one who could be wrong, you know?

So I cancelled and rebooked with another company for next week.When I told him I was cancelling with them he hung up on me. And I wrote an honest but semi-scathing review on Yelp and on their fb page. And because I’m me I feel a little guilty about that.

But, it’s a first world problem for sure. The piano will be delivered next Wednesday and the price is $25 less than the other folks quoted.

On the GOOD NEWS side of things, a few months ago I contacted a pet sitting company about possibly doing a bit of work for them since it’s something I could do with Charlie and something I would LOVE to do. The lady who owned it was really nice but said that in the town I’m currently living in she never has any work, but if I moved to let her know because she always has more work than she can handle and most of her other sitters have full time jobs and can’t take on too much. I called her today to tell her about our move and she’s going to bring me on assuming I don’t seem crazy when we meet in person on friday! She said I can really make a good amount during the holidays especially which will be really helpful! And she said she’ll give me mostly cat houses because they’re more flexible at night than dogs and she knows i have to get the kiddo in bed at a decent time. I’m really jazzed! I’m meeting her on Friday after I get my hair done so hopefully that all goes down well.

Chief’s foot is doing so much better but it is super purply. He’s barely limping today so hopefully by this weekend he’ll be right as rain. Have to run-it’s baby dinner time.


2 thoughts on “You take the good you take the bad…

  1. Ugh. That sucks about the movers. I completely agree with what you said about customer service, apparently he has none. I know you have had to wait for longer, but I am kind of glad that you stood up for yourself and found someone else who is hopefully nicer to you, the extra money is grand too 🙂
    Ooh pet sitting sounds super fun! What a great idea.

  2. Sounds like things are looking up for the most part!! Some people/companies just have no clue about customer service…makes you wonder how they’re still employed/in business! Hopefully your piano gets moved without incident next week.

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