I really tried, but…

It’s LulaNO for me.

Probably I’m going to lose some friends over this-it’s not a criticism of anyone I know who does LLR because the stories I’m going to tell here are not actually about anyone I know-random internet strangers, I promise but…

Frankly, I think I’m kind of missing the boat.

In the last few months I have been invited (put into) more than one Lularoe group. I wasn’t opposed to giving it a shot because I have a serious shopping habit (or at least I have in the past-ModCloth is my weakness). And while I’m not a huge fan of being sold stuff via fb this was CLOTHES and I really like clothes.

The parties I was in never had any prints or anything that I liked so I joined the B/S/T group on facebook-it’s crazy. It has something like 80K people in it. And I did finally find a few things that I liked ok. I got an Amelia, a Nicole, and a Carly. I refuse to buy the leggings because they’re double brushed polyester which I have bought for about $4-6 a yard. The leggings are selling for $25.00 minimum and it takes one yard of fabric to make them AND, once again, I had a hard time finding a print that I liked. If I did like it, it was an alleged “unicorn” and therefore selling for A LOT more. $60 OR MORE for leggings? Nope nope nope.

Anyway, I got the pieces that I ordered and was excited to see what all the fuss was about. LLR had been touted to me as a way to feel better about myself, ultra flattering, high quality clothing.

First of all, not one of these pieces made me feel better about myself. The Nicole was okay, but the Amelia’s box pleats just didn’t work for me. Maybe if I lost a few pounds, but that wasn’t the point of this-I was supposed to feel better NOW. The Carly is also just okay. It has no real shape to it so that’s something that appeals to me in a “hiding my shape” kind of way, but it was also $55+shipping and that seems a lot for about $5 worth of fabric (and not even the double brushed poly that is so soft).

The other deal is this shit is ridiculously cut throat. I watched girls tearing each other apart to get these clothes. Just clothes guys. I saw women fighting over clothes as if someone had stolen the other’s husband. I saw other women talking about being on the computer all day hunting for the print they needed and ignoring their kids-“but they’ll survive hahahaha!”. Then I started doing some digging and read online about bewildered spouses who said their wives were spending THOUSANDS every month on LLR and they were going broke.  I love clothes so much, but I would predict I spend thousands A YEAR, and probably that’s still too much.

And another thing is most of the prints just do not appeal to me and if they do, then they appeal to everyone else and instantly get labeled a unicorn, meaning whoever owns it gets to jack the price up. I’ve seen a little of that in the baby carrier B/S/T world, but it’s much rarer-it seems like there are hundreds of unicorn prints in LLR….which makes the whole unicorn thing seem not so special.

Frankly I’m glad that I didn’t really like it, because I feel so low in my self-esteem these days that I would probably try to compensate by buying a whole bunch of clothes that I can’t afford if I had ended up liking it. I do like double brushed poly a lot, but conveniently I just ordered enough to make my entire fall wardrobe for less than $150 because it is a really affordable fabric. Once I have my sewing room set up at the new house, expect to see sewing pictures! I’m dying to dive back in.

What I’m not dying to do? Pack. Which is why I’m stalling by writing this post. Sigh….back to it I guess. Moving day is Saturday after all. A shopping purchase I AM excited about? We bought a new mattress today and it’s being delivered to the new house Thursday. It’s a memory foam bed in a box mattress we got from wayfair that had something like 800 positive reviews and it needs 24 hours to decompress, so we’ll let it do that and it’ll be all ready for us to sleep on Saturday night. I can’t wait because our mattress is two years past it’s expiration date and I wake up in pain every morning!

And my piano is FINALLY getting delivered tomorrow morning. Chief has promised me he can pack the whole kitchen himself tomorrow while I’m dealing with that so I’m going to let him because the kitchen is the worst. Our bedroom is packed-charlie’s room is packed, most of the sewing room is done, the hall closet and master bathroom are done…Basically it’s just a whole bunch of little stuff all over the place that’s left and that’s kind of the worst. I think I’m just going to have a few random boxes of junk at the end of it all. Wish me luck.


25 thoughts on “I really tried, but…

  1. I just got my first pair of leggings. It was the first FB LLR party I ever actually tried to attend and there was one print I actually liked so I figured I’d see what all the fuss was about. They are soft, and I do like them but I’m sure I’ll never get that lucky again. Also, my husband thinks they’re hideous.

  2. I cannot imagine moving! It’s soo much work. I’m not a fan of the leggings either. I don’t really get it. I’ll just stick with yoga pants. We got a new mattress a few months ago and IT IS THE BEST! Hoping you enjoy yours!

    • I’ve never done a move this big before-mine before have always been just me and I had a lot less stuff! I’m so ready for it to be over but then we have to go about getting the house clean and tidy for selling it again.

      Can’t. Wait. For. My. Mattress!

  3. I don’t get the whole LLR thing. Some people seem fanatical about it. It’s just clothes. And it looks like just cotton clothes you can get at Walmart or Target. I’m cheap though, I spend hardly anything on clothes in a whole year. (Hell, this whole pregnancy I’ve bought a total of about 10 things!) Plus, I refuse to buy clothes that I can’t see in person or try on first. I just don’t see the draw.
    As for packing…I know how much it sucks. No matter what, you always end up with a few boxes of randomness the last day or two. There’s no way to avoid it, at all, it’s impossible. I’ve moved a lot in the past few years, trust me, you can’t get away from it! I hope the rest of your move goes pretty smoothly, as does the delivery of your piano tomorrow!!

    • I feel like it’s not going to all be done by Friday and at the end of it all we’ll just be running around throwing the last bits and bobs into boxes, but I guess that’s okay. As long as the house is emptyish….

      • When we moved out of the condo, I was throwing last minute things into laundry baskets when the movers came to start taking the furniture away!! (We lived on the 4th floor, we didn’t want to drag everything down ourselves!) It’ll get done, just try not to panic about things. At least you don’t HAVE to be all out in one day, you can go back for last minute things if you need to.

  4. I’ve tried to get excited about LLR, but so far I’m just meh. The group I’m in hasn’t had anything that made me feel like I’ve gotta have it. Although I am getting two pairs of leggings for our nanny for Christmas because she loves them. As for moving, I did it when I was 7 months pregnant and I would be perfectly happy to never move again. I remember the bits and bobs all over the place stage and it sucked. I do not envy you! BUT your new house is so beautiful. I can’t wait to see it as you guys settle in.

    • Thank you! I do love it. It’s funny though, when we bought it we were like-we hardly have to do anything! It’s move in ready! But by the time we’re done I think every room will have had something done to it lol. At least no major remodels like at the old house. Mostly just new paint and I want to do new countertops and back splash in the kitchen and bathrooms.

  5. I have yet to understand the allure of the LLR stuff. I haven’t really checked it out though, to be fair. I also just wasn’t a fan of the prices. I didn’t realize people get that worked up over prints and so forth. How ridiculous!
    It is the last minute packing that always killed me in the past. You think you are doing good but those last few items seem never ending. Good luck!!! It will be worth it in the end!

  6. I’ve seen that LLR stuff online and it doesn’t really appeal to me either. I got one of those mattresses when we moved to this area almost 5 years ago. I hated it but it is in my spare bed and everyone who ever stays in it loves it!!! I don’t know what was wrong for me. Too hard I think. Anyway, hope you love it!

  7. I love how soft they are but I have 4 pairs and the only one I feel is flattering on me at this time, is the plain black pair. I do have a randy shirt and just ordered another one in a large (the first is a medium) in hopes of wearing it with the leggings. I also have a couple of the maxi skirts that I wear as dresses because I’m so short, lol. I get why you haven’t fallen in love though, especially with your ability to sew! I do not have that skill at all, lol.

    • I definitely am not judging you for buying it-if you were buying so much of it that you couldn’t pay your bills…….that might be different lol. I am just not a fan and I felt surprised by that since EVERYONE seems to love the stuff.

      • Haha…yeah, I am definitely not buying that much. In fact I fight with myself on whether I should spend the money every time, lol. And I totally didn’t take your post as judging. I haven’t dealt with any of the fighting over things because the drama would have turned me right off!

  8. I’ve been to one party and what I learned is you have to try on everything. The fabric weight, give and textures are sooo different. I tried on the same dress in three different prints/fabric. One wouldn’t even zip, one had enough room for a friend to fit and the other looked ridiculous because it was made out of material stiff enough to upholster a couch. My MIL has found some really cute stuff but she has no real shape, skinny hips and shoulders, so they look great on her. Things look very different if you have hips and an ass.

  9. Preach the word Librarian! I do like leggings but I buy the $1 clearance ones at that big box store and pair them with $2 cosignment store flowy tops. And even that was making think “I don’t need to spend money” but yeah I really did.

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