Shots are Hard

Charlie HATES the doctor. Hates it. She has fun running around the waiting room, but the minute we enter the exam rooms? It’s all over. Screaming, crying, clawing at my shirt. She won’t let them listen to her heart. They try, but usually can’t hear very well over the blood curdling screams. I have to restrain her for them to look at her ears, and even when the doctor crosses the room to shine the light into her eyes she panics and freaks out.

The doctor assures me that developmentally, this is normal. It’s okay, it’s expected….but Charlie is one of her more difficult cases. She says she’s not her most difficult patient, but probably top five. She didn’t say this to make me feel bad and I don’t feel bad. I can’t change it, and as long as it’s normal then I’m not worried about it. But I hate doing it. The last appointment I made Chief come to to help out and she didn’t even have to get shots then. Well today, she had to get three shots and have her iron checked (a little low, which sucks because the iron supplements stink to high heaven).

Usually I handle the shots really well. I mean it sucks to see your kid so scared and freaked out but I know it’s for her own good, and for the good of society. This set of nurses though does it a little differently. They basically have Charlie straddle my lap so that I can pin her arms against my chest. It felt awful to have my poor baby trying to get away from me because of the needles. These nurses are also a lot slower at doing them than the nurses at the other doctors office. They’re much nicer than the old set of nurses we dealt with (who are a huge part of why we left that doctor) but man, with shots I want some rapid fire needle sticking. Those other ladies could get three shots done in 15 seconds-not kidding. I think it took at least a minute today, which doesn’t sound bad, but when you’re having to strong arm a toddler who has already been sobbing for almost a half an hour it sucks.

Then one of the nurses who was very grandmotherly looked at the look on my face and said “This hurts you a lot more than it hurts her” and I had a really hard time holding it together. They also said that the trio of shots she got today are heavy hitters and she is likely to feel bad and probably run a mild fever tomorrow, which is excellent timing since we’re moving and the Captain is coming to watch her. I’m hoping that won’t be the case. It hasn’t been with any of her other shots, but with our luck it will be.

Oh, also, did I mention we’re moving tomorrow. Back to it.


14 thoughts on “Shots are Hard

  1. Boo 😦 I’m sorry they were so slow with the shots, and that it sounds like you were there for so long. I hope she doesn’t get sick from them, especially for moving day. Hang in there mama, you’re in the home stretch of the move!

  2. I love the nurses who can get it done fast! This is not a happy situation for anyone, 1 minute feels like a lifetime, I’m sure. The 1 time I took my husband, I thought he was going to call the whole thing off. He is worse than I am, and no help in these situations!
    Good luck moving!

  3. I DO understand why they give 3 shots at the same visit but wish they could spread them out because fever isn’t nice for anyone. May I suggest, Doc McStuffin videos. They are short and they normalize doctor offices. And, consider talking to the office and setting up some “visits” of about 1 minute in length where you go in, the nurse enters and give her a small lollypop or small dollar store toy and you leave. (Yes, you give the nurse to ‘give’ to her.) Familiarity when it doesn’t hurt is a good idea. And have Charlie take a toy for the nurse to look at it’s ears but not hers. Since Charlie is one of the top ‘oh my NO’ children reducing that a bit would be nice. Maybe get her a Doc McStuffin medical bag toy too…….. MUCH SYMPATHY! It is VERY hard on moms.

    • All good ideas, but I disagree on the first. Spreading out the shots actually increases your risk of fever because you can then develop a fever after each of those visits. Also worsens the panic in kids who are already scared of the doctor’s.

      • Yeah, frankly I would rather do them all together. I know it’s more sticks at once, but less trauma over time. At our old office I think she had one appointment where she got either five or six at once and that sucked, but they were so fast that it went much better than today did.

      • Did not know spreading the shots increased probability of fever for each one. Thank you for being so gentle and kind in increasing my knowledge. I had been under the misunderstanding that multiple inoculations increased the viral loads and caused more reactions. Life has changed and I really appreciate being more informed. (Totally not anti-vax-er; I remember when people died for things vaccinations today prevent.)
        Doc McStuffin shows are SHORT, they sing, they normalize medical appointments and show doctors fix and repair problems …. and they show Brown as normal. Black Lives Matter and we need our littles to identify with humans not races. Besides, they have this wonderful song about tooth brushing………. Bronto gets stinky breath and learns to brush his teeth.

    • We haven’t done any doc mcstuffins yet but I should try that. We try to limit her screen time significantly, but we do have some sesame street because she loves elmo and it can really help in situations like today.

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