Baby Grocery Trip

I just spent a small fortune on foods to fatten up my baby and aid in the iron taking process:


  • Sliced, smoked munster cheese to be wrapped up with thinly sliced prosciutto (if she doesn’t like this I won’t be THAT sad because I’ll love it). Nice and fatty.
  • Full fat peanut butter for mixing into hot cereals, plus I’m hoping to find some good recipes to bake some sort of peanut butter bites with oats or something
  • Whole organic milk
  • Stonyfield baby yogurt. We’ve tried yogurt before and her feelings are mixed, but still worth a shot, right?
  • 4% fat cottage cheese (this is the fattiest kind they make)
  • Bagels and cream cheese for us to share
  • Avocado to give that avocado smoothie thing a shot (I think I’ll have to order the blackstrap molasses-they didn’t have any)
  • Feta cheese crumbles, full fat. I’m determined to make this baby like cheese. She really only likes cheese DIP so far and occasionally will pick at a grilled cheese sandwich, but that’s it.
  • Orange juice to take her iron supplement with
  • 12 pie pumpkins (this isn’t for Charlie, but they were on sale for $1.00 each and around Thanksgiving they’ll shoot up to about $5.00 each, so I’m going to roast them and puree them and freeze it until Thanksgiving and save ALL THE MONEY).
  • A new straw cup because she put her mouth on it before I could stop her, so yeah. It’s ours now.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but all of this rang up to a whopping $70.00 so it was time to back away from the panicked-mother induced shopping.


3 thoughts on “Baby Grocery Trip

  1. Yup. All this. Back at the beginning of the summer, Chick decided bottles were stupid so wasn’t getting any diary. I asked his doc what to do to make sure he was getting fats, and ended up doing everything you’re doing. Chick loved Siggi’s full fat plain yogurt, and I loved it because it didn’t have any added sugar. I also roasted all his veggies in olive oil (rather than steaming or other methods) in an effort to put more fat in his diet. Sweet potatoes, squash, zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower… Warning: this can get greasy. And you’ll spend a fortune on olive oil. 😉

    Chick was also on an iron supplement for his entire first year, and figuring out how to get it in his belly was also a challenge. The one thing about this that has me scratching my head is that we ONLY put it in milk because that was all he ate as an infant. Maybe there is a difference in how the iron for infants is compounded? Meh? Who knows…

    Good luck on beefing up that baby!

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