Step one…

Call the doctor, tell him you’re crazy, ask for pills. In process.

Step two: begin self care tactics. In process

I’ve got Charlie very tentatively signed up for a Mother’s Day Out program, just one day a week. They’re holding the spot for us until we come for a look on Monday, but the program is pretty reputable. I have a few friends who used to work for our local DHS and said it’s one of the best ones and has a long standing reputation.

Apparently I was damn lucky because they’re always full. They must have just had someone age up or drop out or something. It made me nervous because a friend of mine said that she had tried to get a spot and they were full so I was freaked out she would go after my tentative spot, but the director has us in her calendar for Monday with a note that we want the Tuesday spot, so surely she won’t give it away. I told her I was getting shot records and everything ready.

That being said, I’m pretty nervous about it. It’s just one day a week, and just five hours a day, but Charlie and I have never been apart that much, and even when we get close to that number she’s always with her dad. I think she’s going to like it because of the other kids, but I’m afraid she’ll not nap there well because she won’t have any nursing time before hand. She will nap for her dad without me there, but that’s at home.

All in all, I’m pretty sure it’ll be harder for me than for her, but I think we both need this, really badly. Part of me feels really selfish and like a lazy bad mom who can’t hack it, but the other part of me feels relieved and Chief is firmly in the “you need this and so does she” camp.

So I guess we’re doing this. Wish me luck.


12 thoughts on “Step one…

  1. That is great! I’m sure it will be hard but it will be so good for both of you. It will help her so much. Social interaction is so important for babies. I had never heard of these types of programs and am now researching one for us.

  2. I think getting some time out for both you and Charlie is a great idea. You will be amazed at what they will do because other kids are doing it (like nap!) so don’t worry too much about that. And she will be quite tired because of all the playing with new friends. Five hours will go by incredibly quickly. You wait and see! Anyway these are all great steps. Good luck x

  3. Proud of you. Hard to do. The first day she stays it is OK IF YOU RETURN EARLY…. but not for an hour at least… and I bet it will be ok if you call and check in once or twice~ ask on the visit when you first go in person.
    You will be better and therefore Charlie will be. Taking care of you does take care of her. Honest.

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