I have made a huge mistake

Coincidentally I started making a daily smoothie with benefiber added right when I started the antidepressant. Mainly I was just trying to be healthier and up my fiber intake.

Yesterday we had to take Charlie to a last minute doctors appointment and I didn’t have time to make my smoothie, so I just skipped it and had lunch. After lunch I was feeling a little sick but thought it was the heat, because it’s really warm here. We went to the fair last night and I didn’t eat much. Then when we got home I started to hurt all over and feel so nauseous.

After suffering from this all night I woke up and took a zofran leftover from pregnancy. Well, friends, that was a mistake. Because the issue is that I am having severe constipation from my antidepressant and the benefiber was helping keep it under control.

So, I took four co.lace this morning and drank a glass of juice with benefiber. This afternoon and I still wasn’t feeling better. I haven’t eaten a thing today-just chugging water. I finally gave in and got some du.lcolax from the store and took two. And it started working, probably in combination with everything else. And now I’m reading some pretty terrifying online reviews that have me nervous for the hours ahead.

Suffice it to say, my evening will be spent in the bathroom and my husband has had to take a night off of work.


8 thoughts on “I have made a huge mistake

  1. HIGHLY recommend miralax. I am a constipation expert, so you can trust me! Way gentler, keeps your regular, doesn’t taste like anything. Good luck!

    • I usually have some but Charlie hasn’t needed it so when we gave her her last dose of it I didn’t buy anymore. I definitely won’t need anything else today. I plan to just be religious about the benefiber. Its what saved my constipated life after she was born.

    • Yeah, those are the kind of reviews that scare me! I read that if you really chug water with it it lessens the bad effects so that’s what I’m doing. I don’t care about diarrhea but people are talking about writhing in pain!

      • That’s what I had–miserable, gut-wrenching, horrible cramping and pain. It happened pretty fast, though. I want to say it started within an hour or two? It’s been a number of years, but as I recall, I took the pill when I woke up in the morning and by the time I was supposed to leave for work, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

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