100 Bad Things and 1 Perfect Thing


MDO drop off was just as horrible as always, except this time like a chump I snuck around to the window that looks in the classroom and peaked in for a few minutes so that I could WATCH my child hysterically cry while she clutches the Barney stuffed animal that she has decided is her MDO security object. Chief was dragging me out of there with my fingers scraping the wall.

Then I got home and moped in bed for a while. Chief went to school. Eventually I got out my Macbook to start working and discovered that it was wet. Wet. Fucking wet. Apparently a cat knocked a glass of water over and my Macbook was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I opened it up and it was wet. Water down in the keyboard. Of course it was on, and I quickly discovered that the keyboard wasn’t working. Then it shut down and wouldn’t come back up.

I knew this couldn’t be good, but at this point there was nothing I could do but make an appointment with the Geniuses to see how bad. I was told that if it had made it to the logic board (which it probably had since I had not discovered the water for many hours) that it would cost almost as much to fix as purchasing a new one.

In the meantime, I had a scheduled lunch date with the Captain because she’s going out of town and can’t do our usual Friday night date. While we were eating the MDO director called to talk about how hard Charlie was struggling with MDO. She said that normally they would expect some progress by now but Charlie is pretty unhappy most of the time she’s there. She recommended we either pull her completely and try again when she’s older OR we could go to two days a week to see if coming more frequently might make it seem more normal to her. I opted to do the second option for the month of November to see if it would make a difference, and if it doesn’t then I’ll pull her. I’m not just doing this because I need it for my mental health. At this point it’s way, way harder on me to drop her off and sit in the car and cry every week than it would be to just keep her home, but now that I know she is struggling with this so much I feel like she really needs it-does that make sense?

Once I got off the phone I cried, just a little, in the middle of our regular burrito joint while the Captain looked on helplessly. I texted Chief to call me in between classes. We had already been in communication about the laptop issue and because he is a better person than me he didn’t get mad or yell or anything. He went into fix it mode and started pricing a new one while remaining optimistic that the laptop was salvageable.

Yeah, about that-it’s not. The water was all up in the logic board when I got it to Apple. They couldn’t get it to start up. It’s dead. I’ll be lucky to get any data off of it. Luckily i do have a back up. it is a few months old but it has most of the baby pictures and the rest are on my phone. There’s really nothing else I can think of that I care about on there, so I don’t think I’ll have to pay for any expensive data recovery.

Charlie threw a fit in the Apple Store. She was patient at first but then she was just 100% done with Tuesday and lost her mind. I had to hold her under one arm while trying to talk to the very nice Genius bar guy as onlookers judged me and I gave zero fucks. Zero. Fucks. She calmed down as we were leaving because at that point I could put her down and let her walk out while holding my hand.

Finally I thought I could go home and lick my wounds in peace, but no. No friends. Then I remembered that I had a dog and a cat at the vet for shots/grooming (Dewey’s fur gets matted sometimes) and I needed to pick them up. Halfway there I realized I needed to pee like WHOA. I called Chief and told him I needed to come by his work to use his bathroom before picking up the pets, so we did that and of course getting Charlie out of the car AND seeing daddo meant that she did NOT want to get back in the car, so there was no small amount of crying about that.

Then we get to the vet and they tell me that my basset mix has an ear infection BECAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT. Ear drops, twice a day. Pay the $360 tab. Run away. Get home and feed the kiddo and start working on my husband’s school computer. Then there’s a knock on the door. It’s my very unfriendly new next door neighbor letting me know that Pepper got out of the fence that we thought we had FINALLY secured. Fucking dog. Luckily she came right up to me though I could tell she was afraid to because she knew she was in the wrong. I never get mad at her when she comes back because as much as I want to, coming back is the right thing to do and I always want her to come back. As much as she drives me crazy, I don’t want her to get hit by a car.

At this point I am just 250% done with the day. Can’t take it anymore, worried worried WORRIED about money and Charlie and everything else. The kid has peanut butter all over her from her dinner and needs a bath, so I get her antibiotics in her and get her into the tub. She plays and loves the water. It’s seriously one of her favorite things, but then I remembered that the MDO teacher gave her a Halloween goody bag that had bubbles in it.

Guys-that was the perfect ending to my horrible day. I blew bubbles and Charlie kept catching them on her wet hands (yay hand eye coordination!) and then freaking out and splashing her hands into the water. Then she would reach up to me with the “MORE!” face. I think I probably used a quarter of the bottle because I didn’t want to tell her no. It was the saving grace I needed and we spent the rest of the night nursing,  cuddling, and reading stories.

As a not bad not good ending to this, I talked to a property manager today. He went by to look at the house and is running comps tonight and said he’d call me tomorrow. He said it does take houses about 4-6 weeks to rent when they’re larger and more expensive. 4-6 weeks is okay. Much longer than that will get scary for me. Cross your fingers-I could use some good luck.


5 thoughts on “100 Bad Things and 1 Perfect Thing

  1. Oh good lord, you have had a run of it. That is so shit. I am so sorry that Charlie is still struggling to cope at MDO. It is soul destroying when they struggle. It almost defeats the purpose. They do say that two days in a row helps a transition so I’m going to cross my fingers this works for you. FAR OUT re the MacBook. I mean REALLY?!?! You deserve a massive dish of good luck right now. I hope the universe has some of that coming your way.

  2. I worked as an early childhood educator and I can tell you that your idea to try a more regular schedule is a great one.

    The kiddos that are there only one day a week often have a hard time adjusting to it because once a week doesn’t feel consistent to them.

    I would try the twice a week idea! Good thinking! To make drop off go smoother you may want to try setting up a routine. Walk her into the classroom with her comfort object, pick an activity to start doing with her (look at a book, draw a picture, build with blocks) an activity that you can teach her that you will do once with her and then you are going to leave for the day but she can continue once you leave. Then say your goodbyes and walk away. The walking away is so hard! Harder on you than on her. Together going twice a week and really setting her up to know what’s coming, the transition should be a bit easier.

    We would have a couple moms bring in a special breakfast, like homemade banana bread, and they would get to eat that as they said goodbye. It worked great because they were so focused on the delicious food, when mom left it was a smooth transition.

  3. Odd thought. Consider having dad take her to stay not you, leaving you at home. Then you pick up. Might be easier. Or might not. But a one time trial might be worth considering.
    You are doing well, you are thinking of solutions. It is hard and I am not pushing you or any thing else.
    Good wishes for a vastly improved week upcoming.

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