The Good and The Bad, aka My Life

Mother’s Day Out is going so much better guys. So much better. She still cries just a little at drop off but she stops pretty quickly. We know because we peek through the window. When I picked her up on Tuesday she wasn’t crying which was a first. When I picked her up today they said she didn’t cry at all all day AND that she played with the other children a lot! Score! Two days a week was the right way to go.

She is always so much fun after MDO. She’s in a good mood to see me and be home. We nurse and cuddle and play all afternoon. MDO days are becoming some of our best days. And this morning I finally got to sew something and made myself a new top out of the yummiest french terry fabric you’ll ever touch. Seriously amazing stuff. I’m going to wear it constantly, I can already tell.

On the downside, she’s sick AGAIN. At first I was afraid it was strep because they notified parents that the kids were exposed, but Hopeful Warrywort assures me that with such recent antibiotic usage it wouldn’t be that, so probably just another cold. It took her two hours to go to sleep tonight. I finally gave her some advil because she felt clammy so I was worried she might be having a feverish up and down sort of thing, which always makes me feel like crap. She’s going to the doctor tomorrow anyway for an iron check, a flu shot, a weight check AND a check up on her ears to make sure the amoxici.llin cleared the infection. She’s really really not going to be happy about any of that.

On another downside, we pulled the old house from the market for good today. We had a showing on Monday that actually seemed like it was going to be THE one. The folks loved it so much, but then the wife’s parents came by to see it and literally talked them out of it. Convinced them it was too old and big. My realtor was flabbergasted and so upset on our behalf, but what can you do? So we’re putting it up for rent hopefully next week. Our property manager gave us a list of things to get done (put on door stops and fix a light switch, plus finish emptying it because we had been storing a few things there).

If we don’t get it rented in the next few months things financially are going to be hairy. Bad timing with Christmas. We have some savings though moving has depleted them significantly, but if we’re careful we should be able to make it through. December is a big military PCS season for some reason so we’re hopeful for a quick turnover on this. Still, I’ve had a few nights of staying up plugging variables into spreadsheets of our financials, trying to see how to make it all work. The thing that’s really working for us is that our utility bills in the new house are soooo much lower than at the old one. It’s saving Chief about $300 bucks a month which is significant, so he’s been able to put $400 into savings the last few months, which will be key for us.

BUT. We really like our property manager so far. He was recommended to us by another military family and he seems really nice. He charges 12% which is a little higher than others, but he doesn’t charge marketing fees like some of the other folks do, so it basically evens out. Plus, he gets to deal with finding and vetting the tenants and not me.

I’m feeling a little stressy about my antidepressants. The nurse at my OBGYN isn’t back in the office until Monday and I will run out of the samples they gave me on Thursday, which really isn’t enough time I don’t think to get an answer about a preapproval from the insurance company, so I’m afraid I’m just going to get put on something else after I’ve spent all this time adjusting to pris.tiq. I’m finally, finally starting to cope with the fatigue better. I haven’t had to have a nap in the last few days and typically I need one every day. So that’s a bummer, but there’s not much to be done about it. I can’t afford even a few weeks out of pocket. It would be well over $100. But it’s obvious that I need to be on something so I may just have to settle for whatever the closest comparable (and covered) drug is.


3 thoughts on “The Good and The Bad, aka My Life

  1. I am soooooo pleased MDO is working better now you have moved to two days. So strange how that happens! I guess 1 week means they can forget about it too quickly. Hope the insurance comes through for your pills x

  2. You must be so relieved with the MDO progress! Although I’m sorry she’s sick–that’s the down side to all the socialization. I’m dreading it when we put Charlotte in preschool next summer. You know I feel you on the financial stress. I couldn’t even believe it when they told us that our computer needed a new logic board! I totally thought of you. Except this is on my giant iMac and not a laptop. The repair is “only” $500, so it’s worth it versus the cost of a new iMac. Pardon my tangent. It sounds like renting will be the perfect solution to the new house. I totally agree that having a property manager is the way to go. I hope you get a tenant soon so you can start feeling better about $$$$ before Christmas!

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