Of my country. Pure shame.

Fearful for my soldier husband, for my daughter, for my rights.

Worried about our future-financially, reproductively, socially.

At a loss. Without hope. Scared. This isn’t being a sore loser. This is genuine fear and grief for the America I thought I knew.

I am a stranger in a strange land.


13 thoughts on “Ashamed.

    • I sobbed and had panic attacks throughout the night. I’m so afraid of everything. I’m basically giving up on ever getting pregnant again because heaven forbid I need a medical abortion to save my life. I’m afraid he’ll take away all the programs that currently keep my student loan payments from
      Bankrupting us. I’m afraid of losing my job. I’m afraid of my husband getting deployed to a dangerous area. I’m just fucking scared of everything.

      • Agree 200%. I’m at work wondering when sexual harassment will become mainstream. When will my pay get cut further because I don’t have a penis. I worry about sending my son to school and being around narrow minded people. Being bullied. I feel unsafe and I’m a white American. I can’t even bring to imagine how terrified my minority friends feel. And financially – let’s not go there. The DOW was plummeting before he was even elected. This is a scary time.

  1. It breaks my heart that people – like you and so many others – in America now have to be afraid of losing your BASIC rights. It is so sad, and so confusing, and terribly scary. I cannot imagine why any one would want to elect someone so full of hate and racism to run a country. It is so scary. I am very thankful to be Canadian, but also know that his actions will inevitably affect us too … a very scary time for us all.

    • It feels like the end of America. We live in Trumplandia now. My consolation is that she won the popular vote-more people wanted her than him. and if only millenials had voted it would have been a landslide, they showed that map and it was almost all blue. We can fix this. We have to.

  2. i honestly didn’t care for either candidate, so I can’t say I was that upset. I hope he won’t be as awful as he has the potential to be. I hope he doesn’t start any wars for no reason. I hope he learns to shut his mouth too.

    I was really shocked that he won. IMO he mostly won due to low voter turnout.

    President Obama spoke really well today.

  3. Yep, with you on all of it. I don’t think I’ve ever actually cried on and off after an election before. When you mentioned the medical abortion to save your life in the comments, I just get chills. I came very, very close to that situation and it scares the ever loving hell out of me what could happen to other women who do get infections with previable ruptured membranes.

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