Sick Baby…Again

Charlie cannot catch a break guys.

Going back to last week: when last I posted we had met with our doctor on Monday and talked about the terrible incident of the week before, which she took very seriously. She also examined Charlie’s ear infection and moved her from augmentin to rocephin shots. When we went back on Tuesday we were just supposed to see the nurse for the shot, but Dr. J ended up coming in the room to give us an update on our “case.” She spoke to us about how she was sending it up the chain and how she was asking them to give her a definite plan for what they were going to do in the future when she was out of the office. As far as I know nothing has been implemented yet, but it was so reassuring to know how seriously she was taking the issue.

On Wednesday we went for our final shot. We got a call a few hours before hand to say that Dr. J was going to be out for the day but she was going to come in just for us and they were requesting us to meet at the clinic that we normally do instead of the one that she was going to be working at that day (she has to do one day a week in one of the smaller town clinics so that’s where we were originally going to have to go-this worked out better for us because the clinic we usually go to is closer). Wednesday was the day after the election and we were very subdued as was Dr. J and we ended up commiserating for about 15 minutes about how shocking and upsetting it all was. Just further endearing her to us. We were sent away with a good prognosis for further healing and told to come back in two weeks for a follow up.

On Saturday Charlie started acting sick again. On Saturday we were also having a big housewarming party-so that’s convenient. 30 minutes before the party is supposed to start I had to send Chief to the store for an ingredient I needed and forgot for one of the dishes I had already started to prepare. The store is just around the corner luckily, but Charlie was starting to get really cranky. she didn’t feel well and she’d been patient with the party prep all day. Finally, in a fit of rage she took her diaper off and went running through the house flinging it over her head (thank GOD it was just wet).

This put a big hitch in the party prep, lemme tell you.

When I put the diaper back on she threw herself on the floor in a tantrum that was infuriating and heartbreaking all at the same time. I was sitting on the floor trying to comfort her as Chief walked in with the blackberries and goat cheese I needed. I quickly passed her off, and despite the fact that all the food wasn’t done until thirty minutes after folks arrived (they all pitched in because my friends and family are awesome) the rest of the night went off pretty well. Charlie was a charming hostess-that kid loves the spotlight, even when she feels bad.

Come Monday and she’s gotten much worse though, so I got her in to see Dr. J again. When we got there she had a 101 fever and I believed it, because she was cuddled up against me the whole time and I was sweating like a pig from her little furnace body. They gave her some motrin to help get it down and reassured me that it wasn’t another ear infection, but that it’s a virus that’s lasting six days on average. Blech.

So today she didn’t go to MDO. I obviously know this is the right thing to do but I hate it. She’s been doing SO well and I hate to lose progress, plus, you know, we’ve already paid for it. But that’s the way it goes I guess. I’ve been having to go in at night to either give her pain killers or rock her back to sleep, just depending. Dr. J says that the kids who can talk who are coming in with this are saying they have headaches and sore throats. Charlie also has the added bonus of not eating one damn thing today and yet having diarrhea. We’re pushing fluids and my chest is basically an open bar to her. I’m having a hard time staying hydrated frankly. She is nursing all day, but I want her to stay hydrated. It’s impossible to do accurate diaper counts because she’s having diarrhea so often that I can’t tell if its pee or, well, diarrhea, so I’m just really having to watch her demeanor to make sure she’s not getting lethargic or listless.

It’s scary and upsetting to have a baby be sick so often. Charlie has really been sick the better part of the six weeks she’s been in MDO. Our doc reassures us that the first winter they’re in a care situation is the worst and after that it gets a lot better. I’m really hoping that’s true.


5 thoughts on “Sick Baby…Again

  1. I’ve been thinking of you because Ansel has had a cold for about a week and I’m worried it’s becoming something more. . . But I thought about how lucky we’ve been that he’s been sick so infrequently, and then thought about you all. . . It’s so heartbreaking when they don’t feel well and can’t really communicate why ie what to do. I really hope she’s on the mend soon!

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