Just a little bit of panic.

Or, honestly, a lot.

Today I got a call from our realtor who had someone showing the house that there had been a water line burst in our old house and the kitchen floor was totally ruined as was part of the living room.

Now I’m finding out that because the property is vacant and has been for a few months their is a good chance my insurance not only won’t pay anything but will drop us and make it impossible for us to get coverage elsewhere, meaning we’ll default on our mortgage.

Our company KNEW the house was vacant because we called them and told them and never said we needed a vacancy endorsement or anything, so I’m praying our agent can go to bat for us, but I’m really worried about what the adjuster is going to say when they come to inspect the damage and see the vacant house.

So, anyway, my week isn’t getting better.


7 thoughts on “Just a little bit of panic.

  1. Insurance agent over here. Unfortunately I see this a lot. Most companies have a clause in them that they don’t have to offer coverage after the home has been vacant for 30 days but your agent should still go to bat for you! To top it off, water damage is one of the most difficult things to get covered and one of the hardest things to carry around on your claims history. That being said, Vacant Express is a company that obviously covers your home when vacant. It isn’t a very comprehensive policy but it will cover you until you get a tenant in there. From there make sure someone writes you a dwelling fire policy and not a regular homeowners policy or you would run the risk of not being covered. I highly suggest finding an independent agent and not a captive. Meaning someone that writes for many companies and not just one ie State Farm. The independent companies are the ones that will have contracts with Vacant Express. If you have any questions let me know! Good luck and fingers crossed they will cover it. Water damage is always so nasty!

    • I talked to my agent and he said my policy is really broad and he believes claims will cover it since we still had the heat on and it wasn’t from a frozen pipe. So are you saying that I’ll have a hard time getting insurance in the future because of having water damage on my history? I mean accidents happen all the time-what do they expect people to do?

      • That is good news! Yea, some companies do not accept water claims in your history. Especially if it is paired with another claim then some companies won’t even look at you. I totally agree with you, that is the whole point of insurance! It is very frustrating how much they have tightened the reigns. If that is your only claim you’ll be okay but don’t be surprised if someone does turn you down because of it. Where we live, people will get hit by huge hail storm or tornado on a regular basis and will get canceled..because we can totally control that! Ugh.

  2. Ugh…insurance = the WORST. I hope your plan covers you – and if it doesn’t, make sure you fight that. It feels like it something that should have been made clear to you when you notified them it was vacant…I mean, I know it’s the insured’s responsibility to understand their insurance coverage but this is kind of a BIG thing….and if you notified them it was vacant, they should have at least mentioned it. And honestly…my policies are like 50 pages long and written in a language I only partially understand – we you call the company they should be putting it into layman’s terms.

    Best of luck to you!

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