Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes….

It became unavoidable and I had to go see my PCP today. I’ve been sick sick sick. I was sick as a dog over Christmas and when it finally seemed like it was getting better it came back this morning and walloped me. I couldn’t speak this morning and had a very thick coating of gunk on my throat that, when finally decided to dislodge (and that’s as much detail as I’ll give you about that) I got a little bit of relief from the sandpaper fire throat I was experiencing.

I was worried that whatever I had could be turning into something worse, so I finally sucked it up and made an appointment. i had been avoiding seeing him for anything because i’ve gained so much weight since starting the antidepressants (and if I’m speaking my truth, some weight before that too) and I know my cholesterol and stuff is probably way bad.

There is also the awkward issue of him no longer being Charlie’s doctor.

If he was bothered by that though he didn’t indicate it and was very professional. But we did sort of have a coming to Jesus moment about me taking better care of myself (which is funny because he’s Jewish). He thinks my hormones are majorly out of sorts. I’ve been having a problem with tinea versicolor on my neck (a fungal rash) that isn’t clearing up well. I also have some patchy rash around my breasts that he says screams hormonal issues to him. That coupled with the major weight gain (3o pounds since I saw him last when Charlie was about six months old) had him pretty worried.

He was also concerned about the antidepressants. Because I’m a horrible blogger I haven’t been around to tell you that I asked my OB to switch me to Well.butrin because Eff.exor, while stabilizing my mood, was killing me. The massive and sudden weight gain, ZERO sex drive, inability to orgasm when I did have sex, and exhaustion that just wasn’t getting better had become unmanageable. He switched me over to well.butrin and the nurse said I could just stop eff.exor and start well.butrin. Well, that is NOT at all what I’ve heard about eff.exor so I delayed switching until after the holidays. I didn’t figure it was a good time to mess with my mental health…

When I mentioned all this to my PCP he sort of balked and said that no, I should NOT stop eff.exor cold turkey. He said it’s a bit challenging to come off of (though I’m on a low dose which is good) and that he would want to titrate me from it, but that helpfully I COULD start the well.butrin while going through that process, and that yes, the Well.butrin should help with the weight gain, the exhaustion, and the sex drive issues.

However. My allergies are insanely out of control. That’s what’s going on he’s almost certain. We had talked about me doing allergy testing and shots before and it’s becoming a reality now, but I can’t start the process until Charlie is weaned, so it’s time to get serious about that. In the meantime he’s put me on two different antihistamines and a nasal spray to help out, plus an anatacid because my reflux has been bad lately and that will also cause the morning sore throat. Then hopefully once that’s under control we can focus on switching my meds over and figuring out my bloodwork, plus help me get some of this weight off. I’m pretty uncomfortable in this body, and not even in an attractiveness sort of way, but in a “hard to walk up the stairs without collapsing” and “stomach gets in my way all the time” way, you know?

I return in a few weeks to start the eff.exor to well.butrin process. Honestly, it feels good to have just been honest with him about everything. We did have a light moment when talking about the antidepressants where he asked me if I was seeing anyone. We had just been talking about my sex drive issues so I automatically said “Well, my husband….” and he said “Umm, I meant a therapist.” Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha.

The weaning…I’m both looking forward to and not looking forward to. My hard deadline is two years, so six months from now, but frankly I would be okay with being done before then. I’m going to talk to Chief about dropping the morning nurse when she first wakes up, but this will involve him getting her up and immediately taking her downstairs for breakfast. I’m hoping if we drop one feeding at a time it won’t be SO awful.

So that’s me right now. Sorry for the crap updates. I hope everyone had good holidays. Mine were mostly alright, though there was some sister drama I’ll fill you in on if you’re interested. Toodle-oo!


3 thoughts on “Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes….

  1. Oh sorry to hear you have been feeling so unwell. The fast few times I’ve had a sore throats and cough etc I’ve made up an apple cider vinegar tonic (just google – lots of recipes) and I swear it helps. Hope you are feeling better soon and the dr is able to help you balance it all out.

  2. Glad you saw doctor! And please do share the sister stuff…. yours normalizes mine, which really helps me deal better with her mental illness.
    Be better soon and also be gentle with your self about the hormonal issues and anti-depressants. Be AS KIND to you are you would be to anyone else you love.

  3. Glad you were able to lay it all out there with your doc and have a come to Jesus moment. That is a hard step to do. I hope he can help you get everything sorted. It isn’ much fun to be uncomfortable in your own body and not feeling well. Personally, I did the allergy testing a couples years back and still do my shots. So very very worth every penny and shot. My sinuses were jacked.

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