Sigh. They continue to plague me.

Lately my bras have been fitting badly and it’s no wonder, because I’ve lost 5 inches in my band which is of course wonderful. The unfortunate part is that I’ve lost NOTHING in the overall bust measurement, so there is now a nine inch difference between my band and my bust. This means that I’ve been pushed into a cup size two sizes higher than what I’m wearing now.

I know this seems bonkers, but your cup is determined by taking the difference between band and bust, so the bigger the difference, the bigger the cup. Unfortunately, I am now a 38 J. J. Effing. J. My favorite brand, Wacoal, does not make bras in that size apparently.

I’ve been wearing Wacoal for as long as I’ve been wearing bras. My mom always bought them for me because she knew the importance of a good quality bra. Honestly I don’t know what to do with myself. It’s like someone I love has died.

But I can’t go on uncomfortable in my bras, so I sucked it up and ordered two on Amazon tonight. 38 J. A bigger cup size seems to be a cruel punishment for losing 13 pounds!


3 thoughts on “Boobs

  1. Boobs are the devil, I swear! Hooray for losing weight though! That’s awesome!! I would say maybe only buy a couple new bras, because as you continue to lose weight they may shrink down at some point. I may have to look into investing in some good bras some time soon, because the crap ones I have have been causing me some real back aches recently. :-/ So I’m sorry about your bra size that you hate, but hooray again on the weight loss!!! (I’m trying to be positive about this!!)

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