You Ready for Another One?

I talked to my husband and I thought about it for the last few days, and in the long run I decided to call my old RE to talk to him about my PCOS. I figured I would have a much better shot at getting in with him quickly than the endocrinologist where I would be a new new patient. I might go ahead and make an appointment with her though, just to go ahead and be on the books in case I decide I want a second opinion.

I could have gotten in this coming Monday but it would have been a late afternoon appointment, which means I would have had to have Charlie with me, and I just can’t be that mom who brings her rambunctious toddler to the RE with her. I have clear, painful memories about that from when I was in treatment. So I opted to take the first morning appointment he had available which isn’t until March 27th, a day before my birthday.

The lady on the phone said “So! You’re ready for another one?” And I said “Well, not particularly, but I’m ready to have a reproductive system that doesn’t make me crazy.”

We’ll see how this goes.


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