WTF universe

Today is my birthday.
Yesterday I was cramping but it’s really early. I took two cheapie tests, both with the very faintest of lines:

I knew it probably wasn’t real, but the blank FRER this morning confirmed it. 

So two evaps in a row. I’m not crushed or anything since we’ve just been NTNP, but it was a total mind fuck.

And now that it’s my birthday and I’m officially not pregnant, I would like the cramping to stop.


9 thoughts on “WTF universe

  1. I’m not saying, but I’m just saying… My wondfos picked up an HCG in the teens at 9dpo with Gigi, and it was another week before regular tests picked her up at all. So….

    Love, the eternal baby optimist

    • I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I can’t let myself think it’s real anymore. If it is I’ll figure it out down the line. Both of my doctors (OB and RE) have told me in the last few days that they don’t think I’m ovulating.

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