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I have hesitated to “publish” this news anywhere, either here or on facebook but….

We FINALLY got an offer on our house. I mean, when I say finally, it had been back up on the market for ten days when we got the offer so that’s actually pretty damn good. But it FEELS like a “FINALLY” because in the grand scheme of things it’s been almost an effing year.

And, better yet, it’s a full price offer with us paying 5K in closing and $550 for a home warranty. That’s way better than I expected. Our new realtor is the

Things that have me stressed:

1. It’s an old house. God knows what they’ll find in the inspection. My main points of concern are the foundation and the termite inspection. I have no reason to believe there will be a termite problem but I’ve been a bad girl and not kept a termite policy on the house. I HAVE kept a pest control one though with the same folks who did our termite policy, so I’ve probably assumed a little too much that if they saw a termite issue they would inform us so they could make some more sweet, sweet money off of us. Foundation wise, I mean, it’s an old house. Built in 1969. We did have a stairstep crack in the brick that we filled in and we’ve had no problems with that wall buckling or anything like that, so we’re assuming it was just normal settling that’s done now, but really god knows. I know there is virtually no vapor barrier left under the house so if they want us to replace that I have concerns about how expensive that’ll be. Otherwise the house is pretty damn new inside and out.

2. My realtor seemed a little concerned about appraisal but I feel like it’s really fairly priced. Price per square foot wise we’re much lower than most of the houses in our area, so if we’re overpriced then so are they.

3. They’re getting an FHA loan, which has a lot more requirements on the inspection.

I don’t know when the inspection is yet. Apparently maybe on Tuesday but she hadn’t heard for sure if that was happening. I just need the inspection to happen and for nothing major to come back. I have a few thousand I can spend on repairs but not much more than that without having to call on the bank of my dad. I could of course pay him back after the closing happens, but you guys know how I feel about asking my dad for money. If you don’t know how I feel, the answer is, I don’t like it.


7 thoughts on “House Stuff

  1. Being that we sold 3 houses in about 2 years, I understand your hesitancy to say anything and your stress level about all the what if’s. Sending positive vibes your way!!!

      • I asked B, we don’t think any of them were FHA. The people who bought the townhouse had a VA loan and that was kinda a PITA, but not the same BS I guess.

      • We had a VA loan for this house, and the only thing we had to ask for was to add a railing to the front porch, which I would have asked for anyway because it was way too dangerous without it. It so depends on the appraisers and inspection:-/

      • Yeah that’s exactly what B said when I asked him about the FHA loan, he said it really depends more on the appraiser and inspector. Did you find out yet when they will be? I seriously feel like waiting for that’s almost worse than waiting to find a buyer. Selling a house (and sometimes buying one) just sucks overall.

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