Metformin blues

I’ve been back in the metformin bandwagon for a few days and it’s gone surprisingly well. I started Wednesday night and had no side effects. I’m supposed to be working up to three 500 mg of XR a day, so Thursday morning I took a shot at taking a morning dose and again had no side effects. So I took an evening dose last night and a morning dose today. Everything has been remarkably normal.

I got cocky.

Tonight we had burrito night and the captain brought me cupcakes! The logical side of me should have kicked in and said that if I planned to eat a cupcake then I should NOT have two helpings of the sugary tea and take an evening dose of metformin.

Apparently the logical side of me was on vacation. I’ve been miserably in and out of the bathroom all night and am now up, gripped with nausea. 

Hello metformin. I didn’t miss you.


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