Metformin Blues times a million

Guys, I want to quit. So bad.

Things are just getting worse as it builds up in my system. I woke up ravenously hungry this morning so as soon as we were out the door (had to pick up a book for an attorney this morning at the county law library) I made Chief stop and get me a breakfast sandwich. I took my metformin half way through. about 75% of the way through my stomach was majorly turned and I couldn’t finish the damn thing.

From there the nausea just got worse and worse and worse. we had to take Charlie to the pediatrician this morning to make sure she didn’t have an ear infection (she doesn’t) and I had to run to their bathroom for diarrhea four times. I barely made it home before having to go again. Then I fell into a DEEP sleep and missed lunch (which I probably couldn’t have eaten anyway). The nausea and diarrhea has continued all day. It let up a little after I had a popsicle around 3:30 but even that was hard to get down.

I’m sure my blood sugar is low. I’m sure it is. I’m trying so hard to get food down. I’m on the extended release and I’m not even up to my full dose yet (and I’m not convinced I ever will be). It seems that nothing I can potentially take with it will help. I’m feeling a bit desperate. I can’t work or be a very good mother like this.


8 thoughts on “Metformin Blues times a million

  1. I’m not sure if it helps any, but when I was on met I had to take it with yogurt, and I couldn’t eat anything fatty/greasy without serioouuusss bubble guts showing up. Maybe keep a log of what you eat when you take your doses and see if there’s anything that makes it better or worse?

  2. I have actually started taking mine at night before bed with a small amount of food (some fruit or something). I find that once I get up and go #2 in the morning I’m good the rest of the day. Greasy food does not help though. I’ve been focusing a lot more on fruits, veggies and proteins and that helps, along with lots of water. Are you starting the full dose or ramping up? I highly suggest ramping up over a 2-3 week period!

      • Yes, full dose at night (3 pills/1500 mg) extended release. My RE always had me take them at the same time everyday all at once. I have just found night time works better for me. I usually get my business done first thing in the morning and it doesn’t interfere with the rest of my day.

      • My RE told me to take them throughout the day but I woke up with zero side effects from taking one right before bed, so it makes me want to experiment with taking two before bed and like one in the morning or with lunch and see how that does. I’m sure even with the extended release he just wants the steady flow of metformin throughout the day and that’s why he’s done it this way, but it’s hard.

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