Until the Very End

On Friday the lady at the title company seemed perplexed with the title search, saying something about a third mortgage on it. We only have two mortgages on the property so this had me worried, but honestly I just thought she was confused because this company hasn’t shown themselves to be terribly competent.

But then today I got to thinking about it and felt like I’d feel better if I ran a title search. So I paid $20.00 for a title search that did indeed come up with something that was very, very wrong.

We purchased the house in April of 2012. Here’s the timeline:

April 2012: purchased
August 2012: HELOC acquired for remodel (so second mortgage)

Yeah, that’s what it says. Some random lady that I’ve never heard of is coming up on our title search with a special warranty deed from US Bank for $10,000. Because of course.

So, here’s how I handled it:

Step 1: I panicked
Step 2: I cried a little
Step 3: I called Chief, my mom, my dad, my cousin Elaine who did our first title on the house, my realtor. Of course the last two didn’t answer and the first three sounded almost as alarmed as I did.
Step 4: I did some research on what a special warranty deed is which did nothing to reassure me.
Step 5: I called my friend J who is a realtor who said that it did sound like a clerical error, but without seeing our original loan to know whether we have title insurance he couldn’t really advise us on what’s going to happen for sure.
Step 6: Continue panicking. Talk to husband and parents a bit more.
Step 7: Go to the assessors office page and look at our records. It just shows us as the owners, not this other lady.
Step 8: Resolve that I’m not going to be able to figure anything out until tomorrow.

But of course I couldn’t just let it go. OF COURSE I COULDN’T JUST LET IT GO. I started thinking that if this lady owned our home she should show up on the assessors page. So I typed her name in. There are a bunch of people with her name but about the fourth one down I found the issue.

This lady did indeed get a special warranty deed for $10,000 from US Bank on the day in question…..in a neighborhood in the neighboring town with the exact same name as our neighborhood.

A fucking. clerical. error.

I was flooded with relief and did some karate kicks while shouting that I had librarianed the CRAP out of this problem. But now we have to get it fixed and hopefully PLEASE GOD still close on time.

I have no idea how long something like that will take. But I sent my realtor an email (my realtor who NEVER CALLED ME TODAY LIKE I ASKED HER TO UGGGHHHHHH) and I’m hoping this doesn’t foul everything up.

This house is going to fight me until the very last. I’m so ready to be rid of it.


4 thoughts on “Until the Very End

  1. WTH!?!? Was it the same address just a different town then? That’s madness!! I really hope they can get it all figured out and settled so you can close on time!! I’ll be happy FOR you when you get things done over there!!

    • It’s a different address, but the neighborhoods have the same name. It’s a weird mistake for sure, but after some research it’s obvious that it IS a mistake. I mean I knew it had to be when this lady didn’t come knocking on our door four years ago trying to claim ownership. I’m sure her deed has the correct info on it, but it’s been recorded incorrectly which is bad enough for all of us!

      I mean seriously, this house is fucking cursed. I sincerely hope that the curse breaks with us and the new owners have a better time with it.

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