Well Crap

I had my final job interview for the on base position working with the families of deployed soldiers. I was offered the job.

And I really, really liked how the interview went. Let’s review the pros and cons with some revisions after what I’ve learned today:

1. Incredibly flexible schedule. I was told that if Charlie gets sick I can work from home, I can move things around to go to the doctor-as long as the mission is being accomplished, I can basically do what I need to do. I need to hit my hours and get my job done. That’s what they care about.

2. I wouldn’t have to start until June-no rush.

3. Good pay and benefits

4. Fulfilling work (this shouldn’t be number four, but these aren’t in any particular order) and a chance to make a real world impact in a way that is near and dear to my heart.

5. My supervisor is in another state and he seems incredibly nice. I’d be really independent a lot of the time and that’s….appealing. Really appealing.

6. There’d be some travel, but not a lot. I like traveling, but I wouldn’t want to do it all the time. So in this way, I think it would help scratch an itch without rubbing me raw.


1. The occasional weekend-like one every 3-4 months. This isn’t bad at all considering coming from a public library background

2. Not a library job. This shouldn’t matter, but I have a masters degree and a shit ton of student loan debt that says it does.

3. Travel that, while scratching an itch, would take me away from my baby girl. My first trip would be in June-five days in Minnesota. That’s a long time to be away from my daughter when I’ve never even been away from her for more than five hours.

My day long interview with the school is tomorrow. IF they offer me the job (a big IF) I have a huge, life altering decision to make. If they don’t, well, I guess problem solved. I hated telling the guy on the phone today that I would have to let him know in a few days. I could tell he was disappointed. I was literally called and offered the position by the recruiter ten minutes after I finished talking with the supervisor. Luckily they were understanding but it feels like being asked out on a date and telling the guy you have to think about it. I don’t know why it feels that way, but it does.

So…awkward. Wish me luck tomorrow. They changed the schedule around so now teaching the lesson is one of the last things on the agenda ugghhh. I wanted to get it out of the way early. And I changed my lesson topic to Computer Error Detection. we’re going to talk about parity bits and ISBN and UPC check digits, and then I have a fun activity where they’re going to play “Who’s the Fastest Computer?” I’m also going to throw in some Hidden Figures talk 🙂

I know you guys are probably tired of this, but it’s just such a huge decision. At least I know that no matter what happens tomorrow, I have a rewarding job waiting for me and hopefully a positive future for my family.


10 thoughts on “Well Crap

  1. It’s good to know that you’ll have a job you love either way. Is there room for growth in this position? Would this job count as public service that could work towards public service loan forgiveness?

    • I think that if I wanted I could probably apply for a supervisor position if one came open, but I’m not sure if they would want relocation for that. I thought about asking about PSLF but I didn’t want to make it seem all about what they could do for me. I know the school one won’t count for that so if the other one doesn’t and I take it I won’t really be out anything in that regard.

  2. Such exciting things happening for you. Good luck with the lesson tomorrow, you’ll do great! Keep us posted, I can’t wait to hear your decision!

  3. Congrats on the job offer! I hope your day tomorrow goes smoothly. It sounds like either way you’ll have something great for a job, and both sound very rewarding. I’ll be eager to see how it all plays out as well!

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