I got the call

Per passing the drug and background check the job is mine!

I accepted it before even hearing what the salary was, but considering that it’s 16K higher than the other job was paying, PLUS I can bill clients for research, PLUS profit sharing kicks in after a year, I think my decision was pretty sound.

I’m actually a paid librarian now. At my old system I never held a position that required a masters degree, so this is pretty amazing to me. I didn’t realize how incredible it would feel to have my hard work and education ACTUALLY pay off.

And to think that I almost let this job go by. From now on you can call me The Barren Research Librarian!


12 thoughts on “I got the call

    • Thank you! I meant to respond to you the other day and like you said, life happens. I hope you guys get some answers with little MPB. I will tell you that our therapist said they sometimes have a hard time diagnosing when they’re younger than two because it’s such a grey area, so I wanted to prepare you for that. The Canadian healthcare system may feel entirely differently about speech delay diagnosis though. Best of luck!!

  1. Yay! I’m glad you finally are able to use the skills you worked so hard for. 16k is nothing to sneeze at! I hope the benefits are good.

  2. YAY! Congratulations on getting the job! 16 K is a significant amount of money, definitely sounds like a great situation. Hope it turns out to be exactly what you want in a job and good luck with starting on this new adventure!

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