Birth Control

I thought I might never take birth control again and we would just be “careful.” But now that I’m starting my brand new dream job, I don’t feel comfortable taking the risk anymore. Leave it to my asshole ovaries to actually ovulate at the most inconvenient time and get me pregnant as soon as I start a new job. So I’m jumping back on the wagon.

I mean, I’m not excited about it. Let’s face it, most forms of birth control suck-they have side effects, they take a certain amount of diligence, etc. I know I could do an IUD but I don’t really want something that “permanent” or, for that matter, something inside me long term. I have a weird hang up about that. Basically why I won’t use tampons. So that left me thinking it had to be pills which, as we all know, are basically the worst.

This is where AndiePants came in and gave me all the great advice! It really helps to have a kick ass sex educator in our community. We talked over my options and for now I’ve decided to try the patch. My pap smear isn’t due for several months so my OB just called it in for me (because he’s the best and thinks I should be empowered enough to make my own health care decisions as much as possible-thank goodness for good doctors amiright?) I’m going to see how I feel after a few weeks and reassess. I’m hoping the side effects will be minimal and I can just stick with it. If not I MIGHT be willing to try the ring, but you know, I have aversions.

Anyone have experience with the patch you’d like to share?


5 thoughts on “Birth Control

  1. I adored the patch — when I used it. I stopped using it after I developed some small surface vein clots in my leg and had to go on heparin shots for a month. After that, my doctor said “you probably shouldn’t use hormonal birth control ever again.”

  2. I used the patch! My only qualms with it were the annoying “bandaid” rings that took forever to come off except with mega baby oil.

    This was also like 10 years ago.

    And the bright side was my skin was supremely soft.

    • I’ve having a hella hard time getting it to stay on, and they say you can’t tape it on because the adhesive is part of the medicine, so if it’s not sticky it’s not working right. I’m probably asking to try the ring next :-/

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