So how bad was it?

That’s sort of what I keep asking myself about 2013. How bad was it? Was it really that bad? I feel like at the end of every year everyone I know is always talking about how bad the year was and how ready they are for the new one. But the thing is, tomorrow’s really just a day like today. The only difference is the date.

And some of us around here have had truly bad years-I’m not discounting that one bit. I’m more talking about the folks on facebook who talk about having a terrible year but really seem to have no idea what “terrible” is in real life. My 2013 could have been better, certainly. But I think it could have been a hell of a lot worse too.

So how bad was it?

Well, I still have never been pregnant. I don’t have a new baby to love on. My job sometimes really, really sucks. My in-laws are some of the most difficult people I know. I could always use more money than I have in my bank. My dog cut her ear to ribbons earlier in the year and I’m STILL paying that vet bill. I myself got six incisions in my abdomen during a laparoscopy that found endometriosis and blocked tubes. I had an ovarian cyst. I’ve had more menstrual cramps this year than I ever have. I’m not a size 8. My house is always a mess and I miss my husband A LOT.

But maybe you want to ask me, how good was it?

I lost 57 pounds this year- 27% of my body weight. I went from a size 18/20 to a size 12, occasionally a 10. I became assistant manager of my department after some really hard years of working towards that. I also got a second law librarian job that pays really well. I have two jobs when so many don’t have one. I’ve gained self-confidence. I have the same amazing friends that I’ve had for years, but I’ve really learned to cherish them this year. My pets are great to come home to. My husband is amazing. My family is supportive. And I have a blog community that fills a really important part of my life.

Good days and bad days-2013 in all it’s glory is just about gone now. I have so much hope for a good 2014 for all of us.

Happy New Year, bleeps. I raise a glass to you all.