The Fam

I thought I might introduce all of my bloggy friends to the fam!

Me: I have a whole page about me! I’m very self-centered. Please see this! If you don’t find your answers there feel free to ask via comment or private message. I am an open book!

Husband: Husband is a decorated war veteran who has been the love of my life for about ten years (even though I’ve only been the love of his life for a little more than two. You can read more about that here. He is a full time national guardsman in the air force national guard. He’s ruggedly handsome with lots of tattoos (so. hot.) and the sweetest man I’ve ever known. He’s currently snoring next to me as I type this.

Janie: Janie (short for Jane Pawsten-don’t judge) was my first fur-baby. She was one of the kittens out of a neighbor’s litter and I just had to have her. Just look at this face! She’s four years older now-but I always have to show people her  kitten pictures 🙂

Nate: Nate (short for Nathaniel Pawthorne- STOP JUDGING ME) came from a rescue group that my boyfriend-almost-husband’s step-aunt was involved with. She was fostering him when we were looking to find a friend for Janie. We got them in the same summer and they are almost exactly the same age. Nate used to look like this:

And now he looks like this:

Chubba Wubba! That is 22 pounds of love.

Beatrix: Beatrix Pawter (THE JUDGING HAS TO STOP PEEPS) was an impulse adoption from a shelter I was visiting for a spay neuter clinic. I found out she was going to be put down that day and had to bring her home. I have no self-control. She’s sort of like my crack baby. She always seems a little strung out, except for in this picture where she is the perfect vision of feline napping.

Dewey: Dewey (short for Alexander DuPaws-fine judge me, SEE IF I CARE) was a planned adoption. I actually found him on and drove three hours to a tiny country shelter to bring him home. His original name was Peaches. No self-respecting cat can be named Peaches.

Dewey spends roughly 80% of his time in this position. He also loves belly rubs.

Bonnie: Bonnie was actually a dog I adopted for my boyfriend-almost-husband. He always wanted a basset hound and also loved Catahoula’s, so when I came across a Bassahoula for adoption add in the paper I just couldn’t resist. Boyfriend-almost-husband still lived with his folks who wouldn’t let him have a dog, so I adopted her for him on the assumption that we were getting married (since we were engaged). Then when we broke up I got custody of all the kids. She was an adult when I adopted her so I didn’t rename her with one of my literary themed names for her own well-being.

Pepper: Pepper was Husband’s dad’s dog who basically got abandoned with us when they moved away. When we called to ask when they were coming to get her they said “we’re not-take her to the pound if you don’t want her”. That pretty much cemented my negative feelings for my in-laws before any of the other madness ever began (see this). Bonnie and Pepper get lumped into the same picture because it is EXTREMELY difficult to get a good picture of Bonnie as she is freakishly afraid of the iPhone (anyone ever seen Gilmore Girls? If so I have two words for you: Paul Anka) and the only good picture that displays her basset hound mix adorableness is with her and pepper sleeping/looking psychotic. Bonnie is the chubba wubba short legged one. Pepper is the insane one.

So that’s us! All eight of us. Hoping to add a ninth non-furry member to the madness.


7 thoughts on “The Fam

    • They are….misery. Whenever they visit I feel like our marriage is in jeopardy, because the air is so toxic. And thank you about my babies! I might not have kids, but I do have some of the sweetest fur babies around 🙂

  1. Honestly, I think our pets are the only real sanity savers apart from our hubbies in dealing with IF. I’ve cried into their fur, cuddled and hugged them when I felt depressed or dejected. I talk to them without any cynicism or reservation.

  2. Oh. My. God. I love love LOVE your cat’s names!!! I’ve never seen such clever lit animal names! I was a lit major both undergrad and graduate school so I am FULLY appreciating this. The closest I ever came was two mice I saved from being eaten by a snake, which I named Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

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