I’ve only had this blog for something like two years now. It seemed like I should join the timeline club considering it’s one of the first things I click on when I visit YOUR blogs.



Chief and I get married. We were only engaged for three months before the wedding, leading to a lot of unfounded pregnancy rumor. Irony’s a bitch.


My cycles start going whackadoodle even on the BCP. Talk to my doctor and she says to go off of them and use alternate forms of birth control.

November 2011-June 2012:

Things never get normal. Cycles are either really short (like 17 days) or super long (like 60+ days). Somewhere in there we decided we DID want to start trying, so things needed to get under control.


See my GP about crazy cycles, fairly constant cramping. She gives me Provera to start a period.

Go to an OBGYN. He happens to be seeing me on CD 21 and orders bloodwork, which shows that I do not ovulate. Prescribes Clomid. First round I did ovulate and had a pretty stellar triphasic chart, but BFN. He’s “pretty sure” I have “that Polycystic Ovarian business” (again, his words).


Take Clomid. Don’t ovulate. 50 day cycle. Obviously, a BFN.


Take higher dose of Clomid. Probably ovulate around CD 15. Temps remain fairly low throughout TWW. BFN.


One last Clomid Cycle. Maybe I ovulated, Maybe I didn’t. BFN


Decide I can’t handle this shit through the holidays and take a break.



I really evaluate my health and face facts that I am too heavy at 5’3″ and 212 pounds. Forgo actively TTC for weight loss. Move into NTNP.


Weight loss goes really well, but cycles get worse and worse. I end up with a massive cyst. Over Memorial Day weekend I have crippling cramps and end up with burns on my stomach from clutching my heating pad. Hydrocodone doesn’t touch the pain. Call OBGYN and basically tell him that this shit isn’t okay and I need to be seen. He agrees.


Sometime this month we decide on doing a lap surgery to check for endo and any other problems. Surgery scheduled for July 1.


Have Lap on July 1. Stage II Endo found plus a blocked tube. All is cleared up. Surgery goes remarkably well. Later this month I go for a check up and everything looks good. Doctor orders an HSG to make sure my tubes are fo’realsies clear (they are) and puts me on a three month shot of lupron, meaning aint NO babies happening for at least three months, probably not at all in 2013.


Much thumb twiddling occurs. And happily enough, life-living outside of TTC. Who knew?

Late October

I go back to my OBGYN who says if I want to get pregnant soon we should jump on it. He prescribes Prometrium and Letrozole. He says I probably won’t ovulate the first month but we are “priming the pump” (his creepy words, not mine).


I hit the 50 pound weight loss mark. Yay me! I also don’t get a period after the prometrium in October, but we start the letrozole and hope for the best. Very little follicle development occurs. No ovulation. BFN.

November 2013-March 2014:

I take two rounds of prometrium and wait in vain for a period so I can start a second round of letrozole. One never appears.



I make an appointment with the OBGYN and he FREAKS THE FUCK OUT that I haven’t had a period. Like it’s a secret that I’m messed up or something. So anyway, he does bloodwork, the progesterone is crazy low (like lower than a man’s, low) and he has me start the letrozole again anyway. My follicle scan looks amazing, but I start bleeding on CD 21, after using a trigger and everything.


We do letrozole again. Follicle scan looks better than ever. Could ovulate from both sides MAYBE, uterine lining looks stellar, we do a trigger on CD 12 and allegedly ovulate on CD 13. I do ovulate, but BFN. Moving on to RE


I have two consults with RE’s. The first was a terrible experience but the second was so kind and wonderful. He recommends we try IUI’s and maybe some metformin, which is EXACTLY what I want to hear. Both RE’s run CD 3’s (Bad RE runs May, Good RE runs June). Bad Re’s results come up kind of funky and freak me out.


All CD 3’s come out good and normal. AMH is the exception, but it is high, which is much better than it being low. RE thinks I have active cysts and that we can’t stim this cycle, but blood work shows the cysts aren’t active. We do Letrozole 5.0 mg days 3-7. I ovulate ON MY OWN on CD 13 and we do an IUI on CD 13. Follicle was 26 mm on CD 12. Holy Moly. Final verdict: BFN


CD 1 Starts on July 1 (convenient) and we have plans for another IUI. CD 3 looks completely normal. Start the 5.0 mg of letrozole on days 3-7 and add in estrace vaginally cd 8-10 for thin lining. When I go back for a recheck nothing is growing. We up the letrozole and do 7.5 mg for another five days. When I go back for another recheck it looks like SOMETHING might be growing, but it’s still small. I go back four days later and there’s no growth. IUI #2 is a bust. I get a massive shot of PIO that day (CD 22) to try and induce a period quickly so we can maybe fit in an IUI with injectables before leaving for Alaska in August.


As we could all predict, CD 1 didn’t come in time for us to get an IUI in before Alaska. In fact, it arrived nine days before I was set to fly out. So, we took this cycle off, but had a really great vacation. ALSO. I did ovulate on my own on CD 21. That’s some crazy shit y’all.


We’re back at it, and this time with injectables. CD 1 was 9/13/14 and my CD 3’s looked great. I started injectables with CD 3-7 at 75 IU of Gonal F. Then I went in for a check on CD 8 and had some growth and some increase in estrogen, but not a lot. So on days 8 and 9 I injected 112.5 of Gonal F. On CD 10 we saw maybe 1 mm of growth on one follie and maybe none on the other, and estrogen almost doubled, but not quite. So then we bumped up to 150 IU of Gonal F a night from days 10-12. on CD 13 the follie had grown to 14 mm, so we continued with 150 IU of Gonal F and I returned on CD 16 to see a mature follie at 20 mm but no LH surge. Here’s a break down:

CD 3: Estrogen 25.1, No measurable follies
CD 8: Estrogen 43, three measurable follies, Left side: 10 and 8, Right Side: 9
CD 10: Estrogen 77.7, two measurable follies, Left side: 10 and 9, Nothing really on right side except one sitting at a 6 that might grow
CD 13: Estrogen 130 something, one good sized follie at 14 on the left
CD 16: One follie at 20 mm on the left, No LH Surge, Triggered with Ovidrel at 8:00 pm


CD 18: IUI at 10:00 am-35 million count, 82% motile, 41% rapidly motile
CD 29/11 DPO: Positive Wondfo!!!

11 dpo nighttime frer on top and 12 dpo fmu frer on bottom.


14 DPO/4 Weeks: Beta #1 of 165.3
16 DPO/4 Weeks, 2 Days: Beta #2 of 537!!!, Progesterone of 33!!!

First ultrasound scheduled for 10/30/2014, 6W2D

Ultrasound on 10/30/2014 shows a heartbeat of 112 and a tiny Junebug measuring right at 6W2D, which is absolutely perfect. We are released from the RE and told to discontinue metformin and prometrium.


First ultrasound with OBGYN at 9W2D shows….a baby at 9W2D! Squirming and waving at us with a healthy heartbeat. Is this real life?


Second ultrasound with OBGYN at 13W2D shows…..a healthy 13 week baby! OB was in a hurry so we didn’t get exact measurements from him, but he said everything looked great and we’d find out gender at our next appointment-stay tuned for January 13!




Ultrasound on January 13th shows an 80% chance of it being a little girl! Everything else measures either on track or ahead, anatomy scan goes great, Quad 4 test results come back normal. Going back in two weeks just to confirm gender.

Ultrasound on January 27th confirms we’ve got a little girl coming, Charlotte (Charlie) Rosalie.


Went in for gestational diabetes testing at 23 weeks-passed the one hour test with a score of 105!


Just toodling along. Everything is normal at appointments-no new ultrasounds for awhile. Only problems are some occasional cramping and pain, probably brought on by dehydration.


Everything has been normal. Normal heartrate, normal weight gain, normal BP, normal normal normal. We’re just getting ready to meet our girl.


More normal, just waiting.


On June 15th I go into labor. Baby Charlie is born at 8:31 am on June 16th, a week early almost exactly to the hour of her conception. She is perfect and loved and more than we ever could have wished for.


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